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  1. Yes, but fear not, _fragments_ lives on in my branches. I will try to upstream it again eventually, maybe together with more useful features/refactoring based on it.
  2. Yeah, don't bring boards on vacation is a decent policy, though often violated I hear. I realized after posting that we're on a tight schedule (Armbian 21.08 release) so I jumped the gun and sent a very basic PR, but is 100% untested. It's Armbian's default meson64 kernel, mainline u-boot 2021.04 with vim3 default config, and the a311d DTB from mainline kernel, and that's it. It could benefit from your work (asound file, any gpu/X11 settings, etc) but should otherwise be very similar to the N2 image I understand you based off. If it boots, it's a win already. Enjoy your vacations!
  3. Hey @Jeremiah Cornelius great stuff. I've been working on removing the ODROID-specific cruft from the G12B family in armbian/build. That is almost done now (some damned patches are still in the way) so I could start work on adding VIM3 officially. Are you on Armbian's Discord? Catch me there in #amlogic as 'rpardini' We could surely benefit from each other's work (and I from the fact you have a VIM3 to test on ;-) Let me know
  4. Hey @Jeremiah Cornelius I've been working on something similar it seems, thanks to @lanefu for making the connection. Although the path I took was directly modifying the Armbian build scripts, instead of modifying a live image and then re-packing it. My fork of Armbian is quite complex, but I'm slowly splitting and reorganising things (and sometimes writing a metaprogramming Bash framework in the process ) A few points that may be of interest to you: - Onboarding replaced by cloud-init, instead of any interactive onboarding, I configure cloud-init to read some YAML files from /boot. /boot/network-config can configure all aspects of networking (including wifi), /boot/meta-data is just that, and /boot/user-data can do almost anything, create users, passwords, import SSH keys, install packages, run scripts, resize rootfs, create SSH host keys, etc. cloud-init is of course focused on cloud images, but actually can be used on any environment, if you can stomach its YAML and hammer on its config. With cloud-init comes netplan.io (in place of NetworkManager) and some other stuff that may not be appropriate for your use-case so take with a grain of salt. Also my implementation is not bullet-proof yet, but it aims to work just like the Ubuntu RaspberryPi 4 "Server" image (also has cloud-init out of the box). Most of it is done in https://github.com/rpardini/armbian-build/blob/rpardini-fragments/userpatches/fragments/cloud-init/cloud-init.sh (including the .not_logged_in_yet thing) Some other related stuff in https://github.com/rpardini/armbian-build/blob/rpardini-fragments/userpatches/fragments/more_like_ubuntu_cloud.sh (which disables a bunch of stuff in the BSP, during BSP-generation, so that reinstalls/upgrades of the bsp package do not ruin everything). - A trick I call rootfs-in-rootfs, during the image build process, I capture an e2image ext4 dump of the produced ext4 rootfs and then include it in the rootfs. A bit like having a directory full of files, creating a .zip of it, then including that .zip file inside itself but without the compression. Then boot the SD card (which includes the rootfs dump inside) and run "e2image -racp /root/rootfs.ext4.e2img /dev/sda2" for example. The nice thing is that e2image (part of e2fsprogs) can do a "smart" copy (-c), knowing that reading is cheaper than writing, it can read both the source and destination and only write the changed blocks to the target. This allows for a very, very fast version of "nand_sata_install", especially on the 2nd+ "flash". More speed comes from reading/writing some hundred-thousand whole blocks instead of possibly millions of files that rsync would need to inspect individually. The relevant code fragment is https://github.com/rpardini/armbian-build/blob/rpardini-fragments/userpatches/fragments/rootfs_e2img_inside_rootfs.sh Hopefully these will be of some help, Ricardo