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How to completely disable log2ram?

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Hello, I've searched through various threads on here and can find no comprehensive answer on how to disable log2ram completely, forever, and preferably end up with only one /var/log with mainstream logrotate settings. This is for a situation where I'm using an actual hard drive and don't need to worry about destroying flash memory. I suspect it is more involved than just 'systemctl disable log2ram'. Any additional pointers would be very helpful, thank you!

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The ones to look for... again, it's there for a good reason, just like armbian-zram-config.service (which some might be aware of as docker and k8 can have issues with swap in general)

$ systemctl list-unit-files | grep armbian*
armbian-firstrun-config.service            enabled        
armbian-firstrun.service                   disabled       
armbian-hardware-monitor.service           enabled        
armbian-hardware-optimize.service          enabled        
armbian-ramlog.service                     disabled       
armbian-resize-filesystem.service          disabled       
armbian-zram-config.service                disabled 

to disable the ramlog service - systemctl disable armbian-ramlog.service as sudo

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Thanks for the responses, folks. Why would it be a problem to disable ramlog on a system that has / on a spinning disk? I want the 50MB of RAM back.


Edit: also, I'm using this as a development box for something that generates a lot of logs, 50MB was not enough for more than a week before it was filling up, etc ... so I just want logging to work how it does on a vanilla linux box, seeing as I've got a real disk, unless there's a good reason.

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Didn't get to this and found /var/log full again... still wondering if there is a reason I shouldn't disable log2ram when using a spinning disk?

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FYI neither of the above answers was correct because ram logging is provided by log2ram on the Cubieboard2 image I am using. I found the answer as to how to disable it elsewhere: http://www.orangepi.org/orangepibbsen/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3448



# systemctl stop rsyslog.service
# systemctl stop syslog.socket
# lsof /var/log
(make sure it's empty)
# systemctl stop log2ram
# systemctl disable log2ram
# mv /var/log /var/oldlog
# rsync -avPHAXx /var/oldlog /var/log
# reboot

After the reboot, remove /var/oldlog if you don't really need it


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