Armbian on IMX6 - Trizeps VII board

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Hi all,

sorry if my question is stupid but I would like to use ARMBian on this Keith & Koep board.

I know that there are different problems with serial configuration and that may prevent u-boot to start.

I would like to know if I can regenerate easily an ISO adaptating the hardware with custom device tree ....

Which repositories should I clone ?

Thanks for your support

Kind regards


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13 hours ago, deadbrain said:

Which repositories should I clone ?

Since we don't support this board, I can give you only some generic tips. Inspect those examples to see what you might need to do:


For start you need to be able to build image for your hardware manually, then you start to brought it in the system. You can use u-boot in binary form or made it from sources in the build process. Then add your device tree with a patch. You can skip all kernels and port support only for a kernel 4.19.y

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Thanks guys for being so supportive. Your links are very helpful.We 'll try to finish our current work with a device tree integrating an external RTC ...

We use a bunch of scripts & work made by the board provider but they use a very old kernel (4.1) and this kernel does not evolve anymore. That's why we'd like to port your excellent work to have a fresh kernel and something very close from


Merry christmas to all hardware hackers...

Best regards

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