Questions about adding single driver modules

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I am trying to get the official Hardkernel RTC board working. This board requires the driver module "rtc-pcf8563.ko" which is not included in the image by default.

So I went through the kernel compiling tutorial, to add this module to my "own" kernel, and copy it over to my main system.


First problem: the kernel version was different: main system is at version 4.18.8, while the module was compiled for 4.18.20. I could fix this by myself be defining the KERNELBRANCH='tag:v4.18.8'.

Second problem: the "linux family" has changed. My main system is at Armbian version 5.60 for family "odroidc2". The driver module was compiled for "meson64". Until now, I could not fix this.


So when I try to load this module, this fails with "Exec format error".


So basically three questions come to my mind:

  1. What can I do to fix the problem with the different linux families by myself?
  2. Is there another way to compile just a single driver module for a specific kernel version for a specific board/linux family? Or is this just the way to go to compile "everything at once"?
  3. What about adding the driver module for the PCF8563 to the kernel by default?




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