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Hello Guys I am new to this forum and I want to ask if there is any possibility to install armbian on T95Z Plus and how? I have downloaded USB_Burning_Tool, I have installed and plug the T95Z Plus to usb port, it detected it but when I tried to load an image (raspbian or armbian) displayed a message that "parsing of the image failed".

Any suggestions?

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take a look at this thread:


does work for my Sunvell T95K Pro - also with S912 CPU, but you should boot from sdcard.

If you mess up the internal eMMC then your box can be bricked :(


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Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.72 user-built Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 5.0.0-rc3-next-2 0190125-aml-s912-g494367cb5-dirty
System load:   0.02 0.02 0.00   Up time:       2 days
Memory usage:  9 % of 1837MB    IP:  
CPU temp:      49°C
Usage of /:    17% of 15G


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