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BananaPi-Armbian, network problem

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Hello. I've an BananaPi H3 with Armbian Stretch 5.73 and 4.19.17-sunxi.


I use this with USB HDD for Plex DLNA media server, Amule and other service.


I've a strange problem with network interface. The Bananapi ( IP is connect to a Mikrotik RB260 switch. in the same swith is connected a NAS ( IP The switch is connect to the router RB4011 (IP


When i've start the service Amule and PlexMediaServer, i've difficult to ping the router and the connection is foult and i've ~1500ms ping, but if i ping ( in the same switch), the connection is OK and i've 0ms ping.
If i ping from the mikrotik router (from, i've not connection, but if i ping from the router, i've full connection with 0ms ping.


If I stop the Amule-daemon and PlexMediaServer service, the connection is OK and the ping is ~0ms to


What is the problem? Can you help me? Thanks


Sorry for my english, i'm Italian.

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