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Dockerfile, Vagrantfile, and build automation

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Ideally I'd like to get a structure in place that rebuilds armbian with each commit to igorpecovnik/lib.  I'd love people's ideas on the best way to go about this.  I am pretty good with jenkins and all his pals, so if you have a favorite, please do let me know. 




Any feedback?  It should work even on systems that don't have the needed native ubuntu 14.04




Just used it to make a build myself, seems to be working fine, though there's some troubleshooting to be done with the build.  Unsure what the source of the issue is, and had build mainline for opi, so instead I will now build opi-oldkernel. 

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When discussing a problem make sure to provide full logs!

I burned a weekend trying to outsmart privledged mode to get armbian builder working with docker..   Should be fine for building kernels, but if you're doing system images, the loopback devices needed for the disk image creation becomes a nightmare.   You're better off having a ubuntu box as a jenkins slave ready to go

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