Armbian_5.75_Orangepizero Wifi Problem

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Recently I have installed  "Armbian_5.75_Orangepizero_Debian_stretch_next_4.19.20" on my OrangePi Zero . I configured both Ethernet and wifi connection but I had a problem with the wifi, my board does have an IP address but I can not connect through ssh nor pinging that IP.  The connection is Ok and I can get access to internet but I can not ping from any other devices on the network (error Destination host unreachable), But I noticed that if I ping (from the orangepi board ) the host machine then I will be able to connect through ssh to that IP. I dont know if its a problem with arp 
last thing that I tried was to disable the network manager but  I still have the same issue.

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check with nmtui your ip address - there should be a /24 at the end of the ip of your OPi Zero..... like

but only for the ip of your zero and not at the gateway or dns-ip


I got tge same like problem, because if you enter only the ip for your zero in nmtui then nmtui will add a /32 when you do save the connection and then your zero is very "lonely"...

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