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  1. This module could help: Max232Module
  2. I think a directly connected RS-232 port expects voltages of +3..15V for a logic "0" and -3..15V for a logic "1". Your opi outputs signals that use 0V for "0" and 3.3V for "1". hth, gnasch
  3. I think you need the desktop version, and the video player mpv can be controlled by the command line or via ssh. best wishes, gnasch
  4. Good afternoon, I am using armbian 5.25 on orangepipcplus with legacy kernel. when visiting site with firefox, I will only see the "mobile" site with restricted functionality. On the bottom of the screen there is a link "Google-Ansicht klassisch" which should bring me to the desktop version of google. But when pressing this a popup tries to come up but will not finish its presentation. Now this tab is blocked, I never get to accept google terms and conditions and can not use google. Do you see the same behaviour? Is there any known remedy? PS: Yes, I tried firefox "safe mode" - same thing! Thanks, gnasch
  5. maybe start with this one:
  6. you should be able to repair this: just look at a lot of louis rossmann videos on youtube ;-) best, gnasch
  7. you might want to try h3consumption utility. best, gnasch
  8. maybe verify autonegotiation, check if successful and at what speed? gnasch
  9. hi buratino you will find corresponding threads by entering "remote desktop fun" into the forums search field on top right. hth, gnasch
  10. Thank you, will try to do so next time! gnasch
  11. Hi tomter does your timing correspond to this? you have to check the lines in the kernel, and in h3disp (which sets fex) you will setup the pll_video. it works for me if the value of the pll_video / divisor from kernel = pixel frequency. I had a problem with wrong value in h3disp. see also my question at: Disclaimer: I do not know what I am doing but I hope this helps, gnasch
  12. @tkaiser: thank you very much for your help. I was able to track down the bug. Contrary to first belief, the kernel is not concerned, but in h3disp on line 196 the pll_video is initialized to 646 MHz. With kernels divisor of 4 this results in pixel frequency of 161.5 MHz, which is too high for Vesa 1280*1024. So I replaced this initialization with 432 MHz, which results in correct fD of 108 MHz. Now the monitor synchronizes. Unfortunately I found a bugfix by @igor on 24.Oct.2016 which inserted the 646 MHz value. I could not read the reasoning behind this (facebook srsly?), so I would kindly ask to revert this change if no important reasons for it exist. best wishes and thanks to armbian team for your great work! gnasch
  13. bump - where could I find the relevant kernel sources? Did the armbian project patch this legacy kernel? Thanks gnasch
  14. Hi twilipi then it is clear. when you connect your two clients with a cable there is no DHCP server in this "network". So the desperate clients will construct an APIPA Address to try and communicate. But when you connect the clients to your internet router, the DHCP server in it will give an other address to each client. you have to find out these new addresses! First on your macbook, say it will be something like 192.168.x.y. Then you can find out the address of your router, often 192.168.x.1. and once you have this you enter your routers web interface with http://address.of.your.router . There you can find out, what address it assigned to our opi, often in a list called "home network" or "DHCP table". Finally connect to your opi at this address.