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  1. That answer net work for me because our server can only be hosted on windows or android. Not digitalocean/linode machines. Any one want to earn $$$ ? reply to main post
  2. I have no access to network line atm, I want to send someone an android with the server app in it to keep it plugged in and connected to your wifi and screen off, just you have to forward a router port, I offer $10/month or you decide, and ill let you limit its bandwidth with a setting, and after were done you can keep the android. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ looking for 2 different armbian users from 2 different locations to host. I currently have: 0 of 2 hosts
  3. same commands I usually use, except mostly for installs if the package doesn't exist I use : apt-get install appname.deb -f
  4. yes that should work if what your button does is wake it up, the ebay link just leave the chip in the usb port for the power on and the other digital pin soldered to the orange pi button with 1 wire.
  5. it can be done by programming this small microcontroller to send the button pin a voltage periodically: https://www.ebay.com/itm/10Pcs-Digispark-Kickstarter-ATTINY85-Arduino-General-Micro-USB-Development-Board/293002153078?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=591803336110&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 but that would be a last option for some if the wakeup can be done all programmatically in a shell script and you don't need to buy anything, but I don't write that much shell script so if it were me id send it the voltage with the usb sized chip above.
  6. its autologin no pw, its a desktop img, the other command line ones are probably faster boot for ssh but you can always use default: user: root pw: orangepi
  7. keep my custom orange pi zero h2 18sec boot to desktop img, all popup error windows/crash windows disabled, did you solve your sleep issue yet?: http://skyizo.com/deb8_18sec_boot.img
  8. Try the apk on your Linux/android to see if your hardware supports Bluetooth: http://www.skyizo.com/Bluetooth_Support.apk
  9. that is the cortex-a really is that like a specific cpu or all cortex's? the teensy is using the cortex-m4, but lets call it the noob tube because sounds like m4-carbine aim high with the cortex-m4 carbine found in teensy 3.6
  10. Bluetooth sounds good, but really why cant we use armbian instantly as a microcontroller or the process seems much less spoken about than doing it on a teensy 3.2/3.6, for example I can have instant access to Bluetooth hc-05 wired to teensy 3.2 on power on but armbian takes boot time to access that.
  11. A good way to prevent downtime for some circumstances is to use NAS as the storage for multiple servers. For my set up its good because one server can go down and users can just join the other server with the same data, only bad when you need to do maintenance on the hard drive. If one delicate android server freezes up from multiple users using to much cpu function it still shows the server as online until I fix it, but users will see selecting another server works fine. xP
  12. let me know the boot times for lichee pi desktop img.
  13. different speed testers show different results, I'm using fiber.
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