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  1. I've come across this error from time to time and it's caused by either a poor internet connection or mirror. Try adjusting the /etc/apt/sources.list -->
  2. In my case the USB3 port comes up as 006 001 when checking with lsusb and if I do the following it resets the port. sudo sh -c 'echo 6-1 > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usb/unbind' sudo sh -c 'echo 6-1 > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usb/bind'
  3. Cornelius


  4. Has the eMMC issues been worked out on this board yet? Can I install to SDCARD and then push it to eMMC using arbian-config or is 'page 2' still the only option? Thanx!
  5. Hey I use Compton with Openbox on all my boards worth having a small DE on. Here's what I place in the autostart: compton -b -d :0 & Here's my ~/.config/compton.conf shadow = true; no-dnd-shadow = true; no-dock-shadow = true; clear-shadow = true; shadow-radius = 3; shadow-offset-x = -3; shadow-offset-y = -3; shadow-opacity = 0.55; shadow-red = 0.0; shadow-green = 0.0; shadow-blue = 0.0; shadow-exclude = [ "name = 'Notification'", "class_g = 'Conky'", "class_g ?= 'Notify-osd'", "class_g = 'Cairo-clock'" ]; shadow-ignore-shaped = false; menu-opacity = 0.94; inactive-opacity = 0.85; active-opacity = 1.0; frame-opacity = 1.0; inactive-opacity-override = false; alpha-step = 0.06; inactive-dim = 0.0; blur-kern = "3x3box"; blur-background-exclude = [ "window_type = 'dock'", "window_type = 'desktop'" ]; fading = true; fade-in-step = 0.03; fade-out-step = 0.03; fade-exclude = [ ]; backend = "xrender"; mark-wmwin-focused = true; mark-ovredir-focused = true; detect-rounded-corners = true; detect-client-opacity = true; refresh-rate = 0; vsync = "none"; dbe = false; paint-on-overlay = true; focus-exclude = [ "class_g = 'Cairo-clock'" ]; detect-transient = true; detect-client-leader = true; invert-color-include = [ ]; glx-copy-from-front = false; glx-swap-method = "undefined"; wintypes : { tooltip : { fade = true; shadow = false; opacity = 0.75; focus = true; }; }; fade-delta = 4; Pulled this from my RK3399
  6. Well this works: So i'm assuming PulseAudio Volume Control would be working as well. Cheers!
  7. So it appears to be a problem in the default kernel config. # CODEC drivers # CONFIG_SND_SOC_RK3328 is not set After enabling that "CONFIG_SND_SOC_RK3328=y" and compiling a new kernel using the Armbian build script, the on board analog audio port now works, but I'm still unable to control it using alsamixer. So my question is: What else am I missing here? I don't have a DE installed on the board, so I have no idea how it looks on that end. I was able to plug in some headphones and with moc adjust the volume level and play an MP3. So yeah that works.
  8. @zaphod79 Hey. I just checked my own RK3328-CC and I can't speak for other people, because I'm not sure what they are using this board for, but alsamixer doesn't show much. I did attach a generic USB Stereo Sound Adapter (SD-UAUDV1-C119) and it did appear to at least recognize it. I know it's a bit of a "dick punch" but it might be a route worth taking? If sound at the end of the day is what ur going for.
  9. Well I can't speak for other peoples experiences, but as for my own. I haven't experienced a single crash I think a lot of it comes down to eMMC and SD cards. I've found that if ur not using a eMMC with this device, it's best you get ur self a quality card. The SanDisk Extreme Pro is what I'm currently using and yeah... Working Well. I also have another Potato with the eMMC on board and am currently using it as a NAS. Also runs just fine.
  10. Have you tried CoreElec? Been using it for sometime with the Le Potato.
  11. I don't see a userpatches/lib.config file and the README within the userpatches dir contains a URL that goes nowhere. Broken Link? You guys trying to keep this shit a secret or is that a feature?
  12. Namely the Network Manager. I recently just made a Debian Stretch Image for the ROC-RK3328-CC (Renegade) with the help of this and I would like to know for future reference, how to omit and add software to the final build. The build seemed to go fine and working like a charm, but Network Manager just gives me a headache and every now again doesn't come up during boot. Be real nice if I didn't have to depend on it or remove it after the fact, every time I wanna make a new image. Thanks!