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    Pctrend got a reaction from FilSan in Building Armbian for S905X3 TV box   
    Hello, I found a description for installing Armbian on x96 max plus. I checked it and it works very well. Working for me like personal plex server .
    I wonder if there is any way to get control of the front display in Armbian.  Maybe some hint whether display control is possible?
    Link to Install Linux on X96 max and max plus :
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    Pctrend got a reaction from Igor in Support for Mele A1000/A2000 armbian   
    Gentlemen, I'm sorry I did not thank you immediately for your suggestions. But I could not get more memory in Armbian.
    On the box from the bottom:
    Mele model A2000G .
    After a few hours of fighting, I opened the box. I found memory chips on the PCB.
    2PCS X H5TQ2G63DFR-H9C   DDR3-1333H (supports down binning to DDR3-1066F), x16, density: 2G
    That means I have 4 GB of flash and 512 MB of RAM even though I have an A2000G sticker on the box. Thanks for support . Igor, you're doing a great job.
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