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  1. Yep, only H6, H5, H3 and older chipsets dont support 10bit
  2. Sorry, i meant for H5. I assume it's the same procedure ?
  3. Any easy way to modify DVFS tables ? Or perhaps set a set frequency for testing purposes. I'd like to test out each frequency point (and do some undervolting) to see how power consumption responds. This used to be doable with a single command, not sure if it's possible now on newer kernel. Thanks
  4. This is great news, ill give it a test to see how set voltages perform on real hardware.
  5. hojnikb

    How edit DTS/DTB file

    It was a simple question, not a pressure to do anything. Obviously people will always want something but won't have the ability to help in any meaningful way. Armbian is no different in that respect.
  6. hojnikb

    How edit DTS/DTB file

    Any changes to this ? I'd really like to clock my H5 PC2 a little bit higher than 1,15Ghz
  7. hojnikb

    Recommended SBC below 20USD range.

    Guys, you're going at this all wrong. For desktop use and 20$ best bet for a good experience is a used Dell, HP with a Core2 Duo type cpu. These are plentiful, since businesses get rid of them and you can easily pick one up for 20$ or less if you shop around. It's going to give you much better desktop experience with common apps and OS than any A7 or A53 based SBC (these CPUs are muuuch slower than Core2). If you can spring extra $$$ for a few more gigs of ram (these typically come with either 2 or 4GB of ram) and a 60GB SSD (18$ from aliexpress) you can get a fluid desktop experience for peanuts.
  8. So as the title suggest, is there any new H6 boards planned by XunLong or other manufacturers ? Still waiting for a cheap gigabit+usb3 solution
  9. hojnikb

    Quick Pinebook Preview / Review

    Anyone else having small arm laptops in the pipeline ? Looks like pine is the only one making it and even these you can't really get.
  10. So i've installed a bigger battery on my cheap A33 tablet. Previously it had a 1700mAh battery (rated for 3000mAh actually) for a 2x1700mAh setup. It works fine and actually works for longer, but the battery percentage is not correct anymore, since it now drops to 5% and stays there for some time until it completely discharges. Does need a special calibration (pmic is AXP223) or will a simple charge/discharge calibrate things ?
  11. hojnikb

    Armbian for OrangePi PC2, AllWinner H5

    You can install android on PC2 and it will do all the decoding you need.
  12. Even if they get h264 decoding working, its going to be a huge win for allwinner community. Having a working h265 isn't really all that useful to be honest, since the common chips (H3,H5 etc) only support 8 bit decoding, while most media i came across is encoded for 10 bit. h264 media on the other hand is still widely available, so having mainline support would be awesome. Now if someone would get this working under chrome or firefox, that would be a different ballgame
  13. hojnikb

    How edit DTS/DTB file

    Any way to easily edit dvfs tables ? It used to be a trivial job on the H5 before the changes.
  14. This is great news! Hopefully they can reach their goal and make it happen.