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  1. I have a solar application for PC, so my goal is to reduce the power consumption in idle as much as possible. How would one go about this with the latest armbian distros?
  2. It all depends on the device itself. You have shitty flash drives and good quality sd cards and vice versa. So if you need endurance, you should stick to high endurance versions or flash drives, that use good quality 3d tlc flash. With ordinary cards, even with sandisk ultras, it's always a gamble, what kind of quality bin you will get. Their purpose is to meet the speed spec, not endurance. It would not surprise me, if such card would die with a couple of 100s rewrites.
  3. Awesome, that makes sense! Still, not cool of them to not mention software they're using anywhere on their github page.
  4. So i came across this mysterious vpn/network box thingy and it was suspiciously looking like an orange pi zero with a fancy case and some nice gui frontend. To nobody's surprise, digging at the firmware image, it confirms my suspecion. It uses armbian!... Looking at their github page, absolutely no mention of either armbian or sunxi team (even though their project would not exist without them). Is armbian/sunxi team aware of this?
  5. I wonder how chinese will respond. This is much better hw wise compared to the likes of orangepi3
  6. Devices with modified drivers should work, so it's not like its totally useless.
  7. a second working sbc can also double as a serial adapter.
  8. Awsome! Thats really what im after. Replace my current ITX amd setup for opi3. SInce this is only a storage server, i don't really care for other than networking and usb3. Idea is to build as cheap storage server as possible using existing itx case (having a small opi sized board gives me room for more drives) capable of gigabit network transfers (so usb2 is out of the question). OPI3 and Rock64 currently seem like the cheapest option. Rock64 being better supported and 5$ cheaper, but slower CPU and less usb3 ports
  9. Question; is the original Ubuntu from xunlong or amrbian usable enough, so that at least usb3 and network works ? I'd really only need it as a storage server, so i don't need anything else. Figured might as well get usb3 to sata bridges for my drives (insteado the pcie sata solution mention above), should work well enough for 2.5" drives.
  10. Guys, would something like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sale-Mini-PCI-Express-to-2-Ports-SATA-3-0-III-6Gb-s-Expansion-Card-Single-Chip/292743285592?hash=item4428dc0b58:g:aewAAOSwzaJX~4oV:rk:3:pf:1&frcectupt=true work on opi3, given how funky pcie is on H6 ? That would make it a pretty awesome cheap NAS setup, if capable.
  11. yeah, less usbs would help with cost. maybe 2x usb2 (use one from usb otg) and 1x usb3 (no need for a hub). Id reserve emmc option for PC3+ model.
  12. Still waiting for the cheaper PC3 variant, but this is one step closer. Nixing pcie, emmc, wifi and usb port (and maybe x2 usb2 / x2 usb3 setup) together with simpler pcb i can see this at ~25$ or perhaps even 20$. That would make it an awesome ultra budget NAS setup, capable of gigabit speeds. Obviously, once H6 support is ironed out.
  13. @gnthibault I think this is kernel related. Since you had the box booting in older 3.14 kernel, i'm gonna assume the new 4.x kernel does not have the appropriate mmc/nand driver to boot from internal. Personally, i've given up on armbian for this box and went with lakka instead. Since i'm only using this box for retro gaming, it's fine and nand install works flawlessly. I just wish lakka past version 2.0 would actually work properly.
  14. Is there an armbian based retroarch distro ? Im currently using lakka on my s905 devices, but its pretty poor past version 2.1. similar to retrorangepi
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