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  1. lvmc

    NanoPi NEO4

    @martinayotte, I'm talking about the picture from @mindee
  2. lvmc

    NanoPi NEO4

    Smallest RK3399 design I have ever seen. Any camera connector? Is it possible to replace RK3399 with RK3399PRO?
  3. booting with kernel 4.14.3-sunix
  4. My Armbian build is very stable now, but I'm still investigating some warning / error messages shown on dmesg. If someone could help me to point the direction in any topic it would be great. As soon as I finish it I'll do a PR on git. [ 0.000000] cma: dma_declare_contiguous(266): ION reserve size should be 4m align! adjust size to 128MBytes [ 0.786562] mousedev: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice [ 0.786807] sunxikbd_init failed. [ 0.787376] ls_fetch_sysconfig_para: type err device_used = -1073057264. [ 0.787388] =========script_get_err============ [
  5. @chwe, which image are you using from ? xenial3.4.1132017-11-08 => dd1e66d3025f1a6942cbc728b47bd41e jessie3.4.1132017-11-10 => 3c57d44843db8201e125b25ec9214bcb I got stuck on "Starting kernel..." after a few seconds the red LED start blikink (blink, blink, wait a little, blink, blink...)
  6. @tkaiser, there is only one BSP image that is booting, all the ones based on 'Armbian' aren't. The unique difference I found was that the booting image is U-boot v2017.07 and non-booting is based on v2017.09. I'm still investigating... Do you know how can I measure the CPU voltage?
  7. @Lion Wang M2+ is missing the CPUx voltage regulator, that is a MUST have feature for all your products.
  8. The key point is CSI camera support without extension board, the missing point is no eMMC and tiny embedded RTC module.
  9. I'm working on CSI/camera for 4.X
  10. @tkaiser I suggested you to gently stop writing at personal level. There is a very interesting quote on it: "great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."
  11. @chwe thank you so much, @chwe we are all waiting for the fixes & improvements, quickly.
  12. Perfect words, nothing else to say.
  13. @guidol thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, experience and pointing a direction. @Lion Wang that is the kind of feedback you MUST read, understand, SHARE with your team and act to solve the pains. +1 for eMMC, a 8GB class-10 sdcard costs ~6.5USD nowdays. How much it is 8GB eMMC?
  14. @Lion Wang could you please provide full support & information to @tkaiser to understand the 'mystery around voltage regulation'?