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  1. Using the extracted dtb file from andriod, i was unable to boot the tvbox (a green screen appears and remains there). Even i converted the .dtb file into .dts and than back to .dtb (because someone is saying that .dtb file is kernel dependent). Still same green screen. I know @balbes150 stop supporting this tvbox due to lack of support from amlogic. But still it the cheapest tvbox and if we defined a methodology of correctly extracting the .dtb file and do some changes than it can be documented and used for others (If only the .dtb file that does matter here). Or if we know the methodology of adding support of any tvbox (if the .dtb file is the only we need to change) than i can put an effort to document it all.
  2. After fighting with the TVbox am able to extract the .dtb file convert it in .dts file i96.dts i96.dtb
  3. I am changing the file/folder permission using chown but is it not permanent chown proxy:proxy a.log ls -l total 0 -rw-r--r-- 1 proxy proxy 0 Apr 10 07:30 a.log Now after some time that include reboot ls -l total 0 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Apr 10 07:30 a.log I am using armbian on orange pi zero plus uname -r 5.4.14-sunxi64
  4. Create a hotspot at windows and connect Tanix s912 (running armbian) with it. Enabled armbian as iperf server and windows laptop as iperf client. When server and client are 5m away When the server and client are 25m away with walls It seems its wifi is not good or the wifi driver is not good
  5. Yes wifi appears in GUI while using the q200.dtb file. kernel version is new 5.6
  6. Let me try my luck without any modification and using *q200.dtb file
  7. By the way i found no heating issue in it
  8. i am using above mentioned commands but split_bootimg.pl does not produce boot.img-second.gz file
  9. I was compiling with different kernel version. installed kernel was different. Anyhow now i dont need to compile it
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