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    DevShanky reacted to NicoD in Videos : Armbian instructions for beginners - Install, Network access, What is Armbian...   
    Hi all.
    @Werner and I have been working on an instruction video on how to install Armbian headless on your SBC.
    Here it is.
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    DevShanky reacted to 5kft in Build issues for Realtek 8192E USB WiFi   
    Wireless drivers that have a dependency on cfg80211 require that cfg80211 and all of its dependencies be built into the kernel as well.  I.e., you can't build this wireless driver into the kernel ("=y") if cfg80211 is built as a module ("=m").
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    DevShanky got a reaction from Igor in Where has the Armbian splash screen gone?   
    All issues resolved. 
    I was copying a preset armbianEnv.txt (to save time to type in the details each time). Obviously the UUID of rootfs was different.
    In Summary
    To enable boot logo:
    1. disable patch xxx-disable-de2-to-improve-edid-detection.patch
    2. enable patch remove-boot-messages-from-hdmi.patch
    Follow instructions in link below to install plymouth
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    DevShanky got a reaction from OrangePee in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    I am looking for an image which has ssv6051 Wifi module. Looks like there are other folks here looking for that as well. Can some provide a download link?
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