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    GUS reacted to lpraderi in RK3288 and RK3188   
    Checked  Armbian_22.02.0-trunk_Rk3188_bullseye_current_5.10.96.img
    changing dtb that ususally gives me partial function on Minix Neo X7 (Ugoos, CS968)
    without luck (no boot, no led), same thing happened with latest LibreElec RK3188 images,
    no boot, no led , sometimes kernel panic.
    With this image and included default .dtb (rk3188-ugoos-ut2.dtb) boot from SD works ok:
    Also internal USB-LAN (RTL8152) works ok,
    No Wifi , No BT  (GPIO3_23 conflict with ethernet)
    will debug more about this and come back later.
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    GUS reacted to lpraderi in RK3288 and RK3188   
    I was in similar situation with my Neo X7, recovered installing twice original Android (250) using Factory tool  V1.63 (previous attempts with V1.27 failed)
    after 2nd update Armbian and LE in SD Boots ok ( No ETH No Wlan ).
    Firmware: X7-rk3188-250.7z
    Driver Installer: DriverAssistant_v4.5
    Windows Tool: FactoryTool_v1.63
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    GUS reacted to vindio74 in RK3288 and RK3188   
    If you suceeded in booting from SD card, you should be able to reboot with SD card inserted again. I wouldn't waste time in installing old Android system that you can't update, specially now that armbian is working (partially) for Minix.
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    GUS reacted to vindio74 in RK3288 and RK3188   
    As far as I know internal memory is not recognized nor installation to it is supported. You will need to work from SD card. My Minix Neo X7 auto-boots from SD card to armbian correctly I have wasser 3.0.6 FW in the internal memory. 
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    GUS reacted to Capeschae in RK3288 and RK3188   
    LAN working on Minix NEO X7.
    For now I gave up on trying to find the IO-pin that controls the LAN power on the Minix NEO X7 board.
    By making a hardware modification, involving removing a voltage controller (because unfortunately 1 pin broke during the modification) and placing a wire to get the LAN power supply from another voltage controller, I got LAN up and running. I will leave it running for a couple of days to see if nothing breaks.
    I can state that the drivers for the Realtek 8152B USB ethernet adapter are working.
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    GUS reacted to balbes150 in RK3288 and RK3188   
    no, it won't help, these are completely different kernels with a different driver organization.
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