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  1. Upgraded to dev 5.5, SPI errors persist...
  2. I just bought six, now I have to figure out what to do with them.
  3. Nobody can give you the right answer, you should try a few and sell them back if too costly or just keep them. For a start, you should try a pi4b 4gb with fanless massive heat sink - very little work, everything can be bought. Try it for a few works and see how you like it. Sell it back with minimal lost.
  4. The following command works on waveshare ili9340 with no extra work if you connect the pins one-to-one: sudo modprobe fbtft_device custom name=fb_ili9340 gpios=reset:166,dc:167 speed=32000000 txbuflen=32768 rotate=90 bgr=1 busnum=2 Note that if you use a bigger buffer size it may not work.
  5. What exactly is your flexfb command to do this? Could part of the command be done inside dts and would it be useful? Could you try the LCD on the other SPI to see if it works the same? What about getting 2 LCDs to work at the same time?
  6. VMs are a must, hosts should not be connected to IP networks for security but the VMs can. VMs can be generated on the fly using templates (file copies). It is far easier to blow away a file than a partition. The goal should be to run more VMs simultaneously, not rid of them.
  7. I got mine today - will play with it tonight :-) The ones in the store seemed to work great.
  8. If you can live with hdmi being not working in the mean time, I would recommend OPI One Plus or Lite2. They are just faster H5's and they work with little heat sinks. I used them to compile the esp32 cross tool chain which took like two hours and they just worked. Before this I also had high hopes for k1 plus but it crashed like 20 minutes into the compilation - this was using the bigger stock heat sink without fan - my PCs are already making enough noise for me. Heat is the biggest problem for any serious computing using these boards. Note that CPU throttling worked amazingly well on these H6 boards, the temperature never got higher than 78C and the CPUs were throttling between 1.5/73 to 1.8/78. They are also cheaper, for the lack of USB's, I use a $2 hub, SPI lcd works in 4.20, but not 5.1.
  9. I ended up doing the simple thing recommended by most - seems to keep temperature constant in the 60's with the fan on - but the fan may fail one day: fan powered by usb as I really dislike the noise - I leave it unplugged unless there is smoke :-)
  10. But those were supposably soldiers buried alive...
  11. I have been having the same problem for a number of images, I ended up having to add a user patch to use the uboot in May.
  12. Thanks to everyone for the work here, so if you use armbian-add-overlay on the created file below, it should just work in the future. usbotg2host.dts
  13. Alternatively, you could use a usb to ethernet connector, this would give you network (my user build next works just fine and boots - I just did it today).