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  1. @zero48, With people like @jock and @fabiobassa , this board couldn't win this fight Congratulations on your success I was rooting for you, but nothing could help
  2. Rufus does a great job with img.xz files. Checked more than once.
  3. @zero48 I would do like this: 1. through Rufus completely format SD by disabling "Quick format" 2. Write Multitool.img.xz . After that, in Win, the card should be seen as 2GB FAT32 with some files, such as: /backups /bsp /extlinux /images kernel.img LICENSE rk322x-box.dtb 3. Insert "Multitool" SD on box and PowerON. Should be boot and repartition FAT32 for whole space. p.s. Is there Android 10 in your box? Maybe there the bootloader somehow works differently?
  4. Try Rufus I always keep "Rufus", "Win32 Disk Imager" and "HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool" handy for recording images. And you no need press "magic button" for boot with Multitool .
  5. to @rna I repeated all the previous steps for myself. I am working in WinXP. 1. Recorded 2 MMC cards via Win32 disk imager and Rufus-usb-2-12. 2. I inserted the card into the slot of the TV box and applied power without touching RESET. Both cards took turns loading Armbian without any problems. Maybe you still have a different board? For example eMMC but not NAND like mine?
  6. hi I boot from MMC card without any problem.
  7. As I already wrote, I have a box with a faulty sv6051. There is also a similar board with rtl8703bs (these boards have two slots for wifi). I got two rtl8723cs chips (according to scant information from the Internet rtl8703bs and rtl8723cs pin to pin compatible). Since Armbian uses the 8723cs driver for rtl8703bs, I hoped that i simply replace the chip and there will be happiness. But that did not happen. The chip is not initialized and is not visible to the system. After modprobe 8723cs in dmesg [246133.282423] ======================================================= [246
  8. Congratulations on moving to CSC status. What do you think, can I already delete old images with the LE bootloader? You did a great thing with such a large "zoo" of devices on rk322x that I think these firmwares have already lost relevance.
  9. What about the transfer of Armbian from SD to NAND? Is it possible? Is it worth it? Or is it worth removing NAND and soldering eMMC?
  10. Great job! Thanks to you I finally have a working image for my MXq-4k , PCB silkscreen : MXQ-S-V3.0-20180126 ZN Hw: Allwinner H3, 1G DDR3, 8G NAND, XR819 XR819 work All 4 USB enable from armbian-config cpufreq is working. Because i have NAND system transfer to eMMC does not work ...
  11. @jock Thanks for update. Auto Detect work fine for me. And interface more understood. Great job !
  12. ssv6051 blacklicsted on /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-rk322x-box.conf for rk322x-box remove and reboot
  13. I got this after WIFI chip fully dead (confirmed by loading factory Android). IMHO this may indicate that the system does not see the sdio device. What kind of WIFI module do you have on board ?
  14. I think me out of game When trying to copy a 2GB file via WIFI, at first the speed dropped to 20Kb/s and the box with ssv6051 drop out connect. No firmware now helps. Armbian starts but ssv6051 is no longer available. root@rk322x-box:~# cat "/sys/bus/mmc/devices/mmc1:0001/mmc1:0001:1/modalias" cat: '/sys/bus/mmc/devices/mmc1:0001/mmc1:0001:1/modalias': No such file or directory I'll try later to flash the factory android, but it seems to me it will not help
  15. Wifi rtl8703bs root@rk322x-box:~# cat "/sys/bus/mmc/devices/mmc1:0001/mmc1:0001:1/modalias" sdio:c07v024CdB703 ps Here's another, it may come in handy rtl8189etv sdio:c07v024Cd8179 ssv6051 sdio:c07v3030d3030
  16. @jock I must say rk322x-config is ingeniously invented !!! It turned out that it is very simple to change the configuration through it. I made two dtb for my Iconbit put in /boot/dtb-4.4.194-rk322x and voila In device tree changed : dwmmc@30020000 status "okay" wireless-wlan wifi_chip_type = "8723cs" (for XDS16) leds led_red linux,default-trigger = "heartbeat" led_blue linux,default-trigger = "mmc1" ( for wifi activity indication) rk3229-box-XDS8.dts rk3229-box-XDS8.dtb rk3229-box-XDS16.dts rk3229-box-XDS16.dtb
  17. Fine ! I tried the new Multitool and new images. 1. Multitool problem with mmcblk2 on (Iconbit XDS16 and XDS8) blue board marked T95N-RK3229_512X4-20170803_V1.5) solved! 2. Trouble with Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_focal_legacy_4.4.194_desktop Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_buster_legacy_4.4.194_minimal stop at "random: nonblocking pool is initialized" Solved after edit device tree (for me is hk1mini ) As said @jock You can change status="disabled" into status="okay" in dwmmc@30020000 So far, that's all I have. Later, I’ll probably try
  18. "You can change status="disabled" into status="okay" from your HK1 device tree to activate the emmc node. " Then recompile dtb, reboot and it should work." Yes, it work ! Now i boot from sd and move system to eMMC. System started and loaded succesfully . ps Maybe because of these settings the image recorded by Multitool did not load?
  19. Is it correct, do I understand, I need to remove hs200 from all 3229.dtb and try different configurations?
  20. dmesg with "patched" dtb (remove mmc-hs200-1_8v)
  21. I'm sure, i recompile patched dtb to dts and read this dmesg with "original" dtb
  22. I tried changing my dtb in /boot/dtb-4.4.194-rk322x - it did not help.
  23. As I did in the steps: 1 Burn Multitool on SD 2 Put in /images all armbian from first post 3 Boot from SD 4 Erase flash 5 Burn image to flash 6 Shutdown and power off 7 Remove SD and power on A monitor is connected to HDMI, the series on this board has not been soldered yet the system log is loading on the monitor screen as I reported Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_buster_current_5.5.16_minimal fully loaded but Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_focal_legacy_4.4.194_desktop Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_buster_legacy
  24. Yes !!! it worked p.s. since with such a powerful tool I can now save and restore the android on this box I tried to flash armbian in eMMC . Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_buster_current_5.5.16_minimal fully loaded but Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_focal_legacy_4.4.194_desktop Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_buster_legacy_4.4.194_minimal stop at "random: nonblocking pool is initialized"
  25. I tried a new tool and have some results. On one board (RK3229, 8G eMMC, 1G RAM), operations with eMMC are available from the menu. But on another board (RK3229, 16G eMMC, 2G RAM, it is blue in the photo I used to upload) eMMC is not seen as a tool. lsmmc also displays only mmcblk0. If you need more information, tell me what and how to do it. Unfortunately SSH is not here