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  1. @fossxplorer For any Android use, just remember to flash the modified Tronsmart S95 firmware first. That's a must, otherwise the box is only slightly above rubbish. edit: @fossxplorer Search freaktab for MXQ PRO+ and sdrobots firmware.
  2. Good news for all Q8 owners: MK902II Android 5.1 firmware seems to be working great on this box (thanks @mo123!) My earlier Termux suggestion (that required Lollipop to use) is fully workable now. I have yet to check if the firmware is similar to Ugoos's, able to boot Linux from SD automatically, but it probably should work one way or another.
  3. Please, read the thread before spouting question marks. I know what the issue is, I originally benchmarked it. The kernel is almost certainly involved in that observed performance drop due to big.little scheduling. Superceleron's mod is definitely worth investigating.
  4. Quoting a certain popular S912 ROM's Changelog: Does anyone know if this feature could be ported to the Armbian kernel? I'm sure it would solve those weird ramspeed results reported earlier.
  5. A link was provided earlier in the thread by yours truly.
  6. Nah, why waste so much space? The most efficient way to do it looks like that: $ zcat Whatever_image_img.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync For xz compressed images use xzcat obviously.
  7. Start with a 3.14 image and the dtb file that I'd linked to earlier in the thread.
  8. Only the latter. Changing root's password and creating a user account has been compulsory for quite a while now on first boot.
  9. Shimon


    I noticed the issue a few months ago, and, as the ARMv7 binaries produced the expected results in AARCH32 mode, I looked at the source and IIRC it was all about optimized assembly routines not present in the AARCH64 version. edit: In case I'm misremembering, it could have been about cpuminer results.
  10. This stuff used to work fine in the now discontinued S905-only VegaS95 images with the 3.14.79 kernel. Definitely worth bringing back, at least for S905 owners!
  11. Thanks @TonyMac32 , that was exactly the gist of my question
  12. Ugoos boxes are Linux ready OOTB, what about the topical cheapos though? I received one of those about a month ago but haven't even had time to unpack it
  13. Thanks for the link, my image version is probably: Armbian_5.27_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_mate_20170323 edit: Yes, that was the right config, WiFi works too. Thanks @balbes150
  14. It's not present in that image (3.14.29 kernel) Could you provide a link?
  15. We're talking about a standard Armbian 5.27 Ubuntu image from about a month ago, and yes, Mini M8S has 100M ethernet whereas the others have gigabit.
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