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  1. @Mangix, try 5.4.66-mvebu #20.08.3 , I also had random reboots after some updates on heavy NFS loads again, previously I had this problem, but after reinstalling system from scratch to spare sd card system was rock solid. I inserted spare card again and it's stable again, but I have no time to test where the problem is now thought.
  2. Hi, as of my problem with Helios4 rebooting on heavy NFS load I couldn't make any progress, even worse it even stopped booting. Disabling watchdog did not help as serial also freezes and I was unable to do anything, there was no even blinking LED as I remember. That forced me to use another SD card with fresh official Debian 10 installation image and configure it once again. There is only basic configuration, only SSSD for LDAP and NFS server, no docker and no http services but NAS runs rock solid for 6 days now even it's some cheep 4GB uSD card. So I still don't know if it's previ
  3. Hi, I'm struggling with Helios4 rebooting on hight SATA load. My Helios4 works with 4x2TB HGST SATA3 disk running in raid5 and Samsung Evo SD card Since beginning there were some problems with stability, but quite rare ~1per 3 months, but I didn't find it as a big problem. But when I upgraded OS to $ cat /etc/os-release PRETTY_NAME="Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)" NAME="Debian GNU/Linux" VERSION_ID="10" then issue came to be a problem because it can handle about a 1 minute or less 40-50MB/s transfer, then all LEDs stops blinking, and after short while it reboots. I connect