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  1. Hi, I guess this is because you have a new account. Thanks for your interest, however I just sold it on reddit, I am so sorry.
  2. Hi, I decided to sell my Helios64 full bundle: - Helios64 box (case, board, UPS) - 5 3.5" HDD trays (+ screws) - 2 PSU (the original one and an additional compatible Synology one I bought because I saw some posts where people reported a broken PSU) It served me well during 2 years, however the lack of official support and missing features are showstoppers for me, and I recently replaced it with a custom x86 build. I am sure people here would be interested in it. The Helios64 works perfectly and is in very good shape, it was off the most of the time, I only started it when I needed to make a backup. The board is untouched (I didn't make the 2.5Gbit/s soldering fix). I placed 5 disks in it and the OS was installed on the eMMC, so I can ensure all the bays and the boot from eMMC work. Price: 150€ + shipping (from Switzerland), PM if you are interested
  3. Any news on this side? I'm really looking forward to be able to suspend and use wol!
  4. lyuyhn

    Helios64 Support

    Did someone try to use the wakeonlan feature of the Helios64? I tried to set g mode on eth0 using ethtool, but nothing happens when I try to send a magic packet. Is there a trick to make this work?
  5. lyuyhn

    Helios64 Support

    To fellow zfs users, I just saw that the 0.8.5 release is out with many compatibility patches, we should wait until this version lands in the repos to use it on the Helios64
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