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    FloBaoti got a reaction from SymbiosisSystems in Unable to boot   
    On an up-to-date Helios64, around 50% of boots are stuck at "Starting kernel ...".
    As device is having kernel panics every day, it reboots and then sometimes can't start, stuck on this.
    When will we have a stable device ? I can't understand selling devices which just can't run !
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    FloBaoti got a reaction from gprovost in Unable to boot   
    System is on eMMC.
    Thanks for this hint about verbosity, I didn't see it anywhere on wiki
    So, I boot on fresh install on sd card, changed verbosity then reboot on eMMC. I found culprit, a custom mount point prevented system for booting after cleaned it up, system boots fine !
    Maybe these simple diag step needs to be published to help people
    Sorry for my annoyance in the previous posts, but it's true that it's starting to get boring such an unstable system (reboot every day or so).
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    FloBaoti got a reaction from Gareth Halfacree in [SOLVED] Helios64 won't boot after latest update   
    Here is mine (not yet upgraded) :
    Maybe problem could be on rootdev UUID ? For me it refers to /dev/mmcblk1p1
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    FloBaoti got a reaction from aprayoga in 2.5G Ethernet crash (r8152)   
    I run Armbian Buster 20.11.1 and today, without any important network traffic, eth1 interface has crashed.
    Here is dmesg :
    After ifdown & ifup eth1, interface is up again.
    What's wrong ? I can see driver 2.13 is used, and Realtek has issued a 2.14 version, but only usable up to 5.6 kernel So I can't compile it.
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    FloBaoti reacted to ShadowDance in ZFS on Helios64   
    This is what I do as well , although I had to create a dummy zfs-dkms package to prevent it from being pulled in by zfsutils-linux.