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    FloBaoti got a reaction from Gareth Halfacree in [SOLVED] Helios64 won't boot after latest update   
    Here is mine (not yet upgraded) :
    Maybe problem could be on rootdev UUID ? For me it refers to /dev/mmcblk1p1
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    FloBaoti got a reaction from aprayoga in 2.5G Ethernet crash (r8152)   
    I run Armbian Buster 20.11.1 and today, without any important network traffic, eth1 interface has crashed.
    Here is dmesg :
    After ifdown & ifup eth1, interface is up again.
    What's wrong ? I can see driver 2.13 is used, and Realtek has issued a 2.14 version, but only usable up to 5.6 kernel So I can't compile it.
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    FloBaoti reacted to ShadowDance in ZFS on Helios64   
    This is what I do as well , although I had to create a dummy zfs-dkms package to prevent it from being pulled in by zfsutils-linux.