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  1. For people running fine, are you using 2.5G NIC ? I do, and this interface crashes every few days. I setup a cron to check every minute and down&up it if necessary.
  2. Kernel panic a few minutes after reboot on 21.02.3...
  3. System is on eMMC. Thanks for this hint about verbosity, I didn't see it anywhere on wiki So, I boot on fresh install on sd card, changed verbosity then reboot on eMMC. I found culprit, a custom mount point prevented system for booting after cleaned it up, system boots fine ! Maybe these simple diag step needs to be published to help people Sorry for my annoyance in the previous posts, but it's true that it's starting to get boring such an unstable system (reboot every day or so).
  4. Sorry but I don't understand which information can I bring. Here is full console output, there's nothing else interesting than "Starting kernel" ...
  5. After full day off, console is back, and always stuck on "Starting kernel ...". A few days ago, only some boots were stuck here, now 100% of boots are stuck. System never boots. How to solve it ?
  6. Today, no more console output (nothing). Helios64 is dead. What can I do ?
  7. Today device can't boot at all !! 100% reboot stuck on "Starting kernel"... yeah wonderful !
  8. Hi, On an up-to-date Helios64, around 50% of boots are stuck at "Starting kernel ...". As device is having kernel panics every day, it reboots and then sometimes can't start, stuck on this. When will we have a stable device ? I can't understand selling devices which just can't run !
  9. Mine has running for 10+ days, and suddenly now it's rebooting every night (kernel panic).
  10. What about rebooting after kernel panic ? You have to set sysctl parameter "kernel.panic" to a value in seconds, timer after kernel panic to reboot. As long as Helios64 isn't stable, it's a must have parameter!
  11. I don't understand, I have ZFS 2.0.1 on 5.10.16-rockchip64 : I just add to reinstall zfs-dkms (apt install --reinstall zfs-dkms) because it failed during upgrade.
  12. apt update only updates repository's package list (local cache). No package upgraded. apt upgrade upgrades packages, there's no difference with "dist-upgrade" unless distribution new version (switch from Ubuntu 20.04 to Ubuntu 20.10 for example).
  13. UUID disk or partition is not private data for me, but everyone does what he want. We don't have to know Gareth's UUID do help. Does anybody else have a problem after this upgrade ?
  14. dkms package is removed ! Try installing it manually : apt install dkms zfs-dkms