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  1. I got the kde community edition, and I would say that it came a long way. It is currently the way to go. Mobian is the most useful, the repos have everything, even if it doesn't work on mobile. Phosh on the other hand is pretty bad currently. They don't have auto screen rotation, and the prox sensor is always on, so the screen will shut off when you put your hand near it. Things with lomiri run the smoothest. Manjaro lomiri (under developed) and ubuntu touch (closer to android than linux). They are about to open orders again. I recommend getting the commun
  2. Hello, I am having a bit of an issue. I have mapped my device (Bananapi M2Zero) into the 40pin template according to the schematics the provided here. I then copied it and pasted the contents of that file into the existing bananapim2.h file. After running install, my mapping.h file seems to match. Here is what I am using. /* * * This file is part of pyA20. * mapping.h is python GPIO extension. * * Copyright (c) 2014 Stefan Mavrodiev @ OLIMEX LTD, <suppor