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  1. Dear Chwe, You can find BPI SATA cable on aliexpress by
  2. We are reviewing source which will be released sooner
  3. Google Drive:
  4. Soft remind that our company signed NDA with Realtek, we must follow Realtek's rule to release files under Realtek's approval.
  5. Source will be released by
  6. Bootloader and kernel under developing, draft version will be provided with developers, improving version will be released in public.
  9. Welcome developers' advice then we improve BPI gitbook.
  10. Tks for some Armbian devlopers' feekback and good advice that is real SBC spirit to assist Banana Pi HW and SW progress. We improve HW in order to achieve max. performance by our customers' requirement as well as developers welcome that too. Happy to hear many developers give us positive comment and would like to support R2 development. Once we have new models, we'll notice sooner.
  11. Dear Johnny, I appreciate it very much for your great effort on Banana Pi R2 development, I am the Banana Pi PM, we're working with MTK linux team for months. If you are interested to get a R2 new version sample, pls contact me ( Any further advice will be welcome, we're making next version PCB this week. Nora Banana Pi PM
  12. Dear @lex, If you need BPI M2+ and M3 samples as well as OV5640 and dual OV5640_8865 camera samples, I'll be glad to provide above models with you ASAP. Camera info: Nora Lee Banana Pi PM