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  1. I had to run through the whole install process 6 or 7 times when I upgraded my drives. I also tried 1 drive or 5 drives and nothing seemed to matter. I think there's an issue burning the image onto the SD card using Balena Etcher. I tried a different burning program and everything installed and fired up perfect.
  2. I've been having a recent issue over the last couple months where my ArmbianEvn.txt file is being overwritten thus causing Helios to hang in the boot process. Using some samples i've found on these forums, I was able to re-create my file and get the Helios back up and running and have since stored a copy so that when it happens, I can just copy and paste and back up running in no time. To date, i've had this happen to me 4 times. I'm not worried about having go through this at this point in time, but I was curious if anyone else has seen this issue or not? I've saved a couple samples of what was written into the ArmbianEnv.txt file: /var/log/armbian-hardware-monitor.log { rotate 12 weekly compress missi /var/log/alternatives.log { monthly rotate 12 compress delaycompress missingok notifempty create 644 root root } I'm running Buster 5.10.21. I have 5-14TB EXOS drives in Raid 6 and have OMV as the only thing installed.
  3. When I had it happen to me during an update it added/rewrote some text and added gibberish(special characters). I was able to edit it to match some of the examples and put in my UUID and it booted right up. I unfortunately don't have any screen shots or anything to show.
  4. Just wanted to add my experience as maybe someone can get something semi-useful out of it. I started out with 3 - 4TB drives with 2 of them in Raid 1 and the 3rd on it's own. I installed OMV and CUPS on a Micro SD card. Even from the very beginning, I always had trouble restarting the system. Sometimes it would boot after 3 tries, sometimes it would take 20 tries. I watched and it was never the same issue twice that caused the boot failure. I removed drives, plugged in different combo's, several fixes on the forums, anything I could think of and nothing really seemed to make a difference. The good news was that once it was up and running, it ran great. I had 2 months of uptime with no issues. Then i'd run an update and have a heck of a time getting it restarted. Just figured that's the way it was and hoped things would get better as the software matured. I'm now on my second iteration with 5 - 14TB (Thanks Uncle Joe) drives in Raid 6. After 2 months, i've had 2 random crashes for unknown reasons, one at 3 days and the other after 7 days. Aside from running updates and rebooting, it's been running solid for me. I'm only running OMV and a CUPS server. Getting to this point was a huge PITA. I spent nearly 8 hours trying to get it up and running over the course of a Sunday. It seemed like no matter what I did, i'd have a Kernel Panic during the setup process, and then the system wouldn't boot at all giving different errors every time. So i'd re-download the image, and attempt to install from scratch again. I played with installing different options, in different sequences (as much as possible), without much luck. I verified the download every time. I finally tried using USBImager, as an alternative to BalenaEtcher, and found that wring to the sdcard seemed better and the installation seemed better, although it did panic a couple times. Once I finally got it running, I gave it some time, installed all the updates, reboot several times in between setting up OMV for testing and have been happy with it since. The biggest difference now is that I don't worry about rebooting as it comes right up the first time instead of several tries like the first iteration. Overall, i've been happy with mine. I'm very new to the Linux environment so it's been fun learning a new thing. Keep up the great work!
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