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  1. Hi! Have you tried the linux-firmware package? It provides drivers for many wifi chips Try it with sudo apt install linux-firmware Hope it works!
  2. But that's no problem You still can edit the extlinux.conf file, inside the boot partition Just take care of not setting up any invalid option in it, else you'll break your system (Though it's easy to recover)
  3. Manjaro is a good choice It works out of the box with my S905W board! Thanks for pointing out. I forgot that
  4. That's good to know Before trying anything else, you should try other dtb files, as stated by @SteeMan. I was lucky. My S905W box works like a charm with a realtek chip as well. you can do it without recompiling the kernel by using @balbes150images. There's a plenty of files to try out make sure you have the p281 board, of doesn't, try other dtb files if you're sure your board is a p281 (which also means it's defective from factory, with different hardware), then you should try to compile the drivers from the git you found ok, that's a lot of info. I'll keep helping you through this post, and sorry for the late replies. I suffer from some conditions that keeps me away from staying too much on the PC Hope It works!
  5. Well, to help you with the headers, I need to know which kernel exactly are you using. Show me the output of the command "uname -a", please Also, installing the package by itself should be enough to make the interface wlan0 to show up. But don't panic. Let's see the headers issue first
  6. Hi! If I remember, your wifi chip is already supported by Armbian. Try installing the package armbian-firmware-full it should do the trick, and save you a lot of time compiling the drivers from source Hope it helps!
  7. Hi! @balbes150 provided a working image for a RK3399 box. Maybe you should give it a shot. Good luck!
  8. Hi! @hexdump is right I think the best way to figure it out is first, to find out what wifi chip the board has. If the package armbian-firmware-full has support to it, you're good to go I had good experiences with rockchip boxes. They're the cheapest ever, and always with the same two supported wifi chips (ssv6051 or ssv6252). If you want to bet on one of those cheap Chinese boxes,put your bets on MX9 or MX10 boxes. MXQ boxes has a good chance to come with a rockchip CPU, but there arr fake ones with the AllWinner H3 CPU (whose wifi isn't supported). But it also worthy trying Take your time finding a box and come back if you need support with it! Good luck. (You'll need it lol)
  9. Hi! We are here to help, but first we need more info from you Which Armbian build are you using? Can you tell? As the log says, the error is in the U-Boot parameters, but can me something more. Can you detail your problem a bit more? Starting from the image download
  10. Just to add: You have a powerfull toy with you. It's a waste to use it as a paper weigth!
  11. After some research, i realized the same error happened when users tried to update their ROM from a LPDDR3 memory to a DDR3 Box, or vice versa Uploading software on Amlogic CPUs is like a surgery. I think that's why the Meson support is kinda poor compared to Rockchip CPUs. Well... There's no unbrickable device. Maybe you should try the short pin method and skip the boot from e-MMC, or even more radical: Remove the e-MMC chip I was able to save a fully bricked (surprisingly) rockchip box using this method. It's always my last resource If you need any tips about the electronics, feel free to ask!
  12. Hi! Those boxes play flawlessly on Android. I think it's a matter of time and better drivers will come up The best results i got was using Arch Linux and lima (open source drivers for Mali GPUs). Maybe you should give it a try. PM me if you need help with this! Good luck
  13. I had the same problem with some versions of the Amlogic S905W processor My workaround was to short the UART TX pin to ground using a small resistor. It fakes a UART connection and the boot continues If the step fails, try the same with the RX pin. Good luck!
  14. Hi! This screen says your board is booting properly. See? The U-Boot starts, finds your extlinux.conf file and starts the kernel as well If the screen blanks after a while, it's probably a HDMI fault. Try to connect your box to a serial console via UART (open the case, and you'll find the pins) To do this, you'll need a Serial to USB converter (such as CH340 or FT232. Both cheap as heck) You'll notice that the boot continues from there. If so, you'll need extra configuration to your HDMI inside your extlinux.conf file. Try the serial and send us the terminal output. We're here to help! Good luck!
  15. Hi! Did you check alsamixer? Had the same problem on my S905W box. I just needed to alternate between I2S / SPDIF and it worked like magic If you have any doubts, post an image of how your alsamixer screen looks like
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