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  1. Thanks for the tip. I noticed the same kind of problem for the audio with NanoPi NEO/NEO2. The cpu frequency scaling causes noise. I have to use the same MIN_SPEED et MAX_SPEED in /etc/default/cpufrequtils. And it works with any governor.
  2. Thanks for the review. An important point: https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=97&t=28535 I also have the same experience. This is not a problem for me. But can be one for others.
  3. Sorry for my stupid question. Instead of switching to performance governor to fix the frequency, can we disable cpufreq in the kernel and set the desired frequency in uboot? Is there a difference between these two methods? Thanks.
  4. Not a exact copy. Il seems usb are not the same, you don't have a working usb on nanopi neo if using orange pi one. Ethernet driver status : http://linux-sunxi.org/Sun8i_emac#Statushttp://linux-sunxi.org/Sun8i_emac#Status
  5. Hi, I learn a lot from Armbian and I use its sources and patches. Thanks. But for my very special purpose, I don't use the Armbian build tool. I use a patch (see attached file) for my NanoPi NEO, not tested for Armbian build tool. If someone wants to try it, maybe put it in lib/patch/kernel/sun8i-dev (after remove the .txt in the name) ? sun8i-emac-thermal-cpufreq.patch.txt
  6. Hello, Not speculations. sun8i-emac is not enabled in https://github.com/megous/linux/blob/orange-pi-4.9/arch/arm/boot/dts/sun8i-h3-nanopi-neo.dts and there is no patch to enable it for NanoPi NEO here: https://github.com/igorpecovnik/lib/tree/master/patch/kernel/sun8i-dev/
  7. Maybe emac is not enabled in armbian kernel for NanoPi NEO.
  8. I have an opi zero (not using armbian image) and the same problem. Edit. The wifi works (but unstable) if compile sun8i-emac as module and unload it to disable Ethernet.
  9. Thanks for your reply. That's just a test, not my final objectif. I use a NEO for audio streaming, so I want it use 480Mhz and 1.1v all the time, even without cpu-freq in kernel.
  10. Using CONFIG_SYS_CLK_FREQ=1200000000 in https://github.com/igorpecovnik/lib/blob/master/patch/u-boot/u-boot-sunxi/add-nanopi-neo.patch and the userspace governor in kernel, my NEO can boot. Does uboot switch to 1.3v ? or the default voltage is 1.3v ? or 1200Mhz can boot with 1.1v which is the default ? # cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy0/scaling_governor userspace # cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy0/stats/time_in_state 120000 0 240000 0 312000 0 480000 0 624000 0 816000 0 1008000 0 1200000 161322
  11. Hi, Do you mean that the voltage is 1.1v (default) in the u-boot stage, and the 1.3v can only be obtained after booting using the software? Thanks.
  12. On my NanoPi NEO UPnP player using upmpdcli/mpd, I tested schedutil. It is not suitable for 24/96 hd files. I have disabled cpu-freq in the kernel config, and now I am testing ondemand. It seems to work better than schedutil, but I think I'll back to cpu-freq disabled.
  13. Hi, What is your project ? An audio streamer ? I have a NanoPi NEO. I tried kernel 4.7.6 and 4.8.3 (using armbian build tools), all worked very well.
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