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  1. Yes i know that, but eventually you will make it as complete system, so i list what i thought. so you can add it to the kernel, like sound moludes driver, wifi modules driver, etc but if that not what you want from the user that trying out the kernel, i will not test it anymore.
  2. Because Its only 150MB, so i can download it. So here my thought after try it on my Mini M8S (S905 with LibreELEC 7.0 in internal MMC) + Samsung 8GB Micro SD Card + Samsung LCD TV 32" LA32D550 1. No Sound, my Box using AML_M8 Sound card. I try using USB Soundcard called 3D Audio ( 0d8c:013c C-Media Electronics, Inc. CM108 Audio Controller ) - price around 2 USD the USB Soundcard detected on dmesg but still No Sound when i play Wav Audio with Simple Music Player: [ 3.456970] input: C-Media Electronics Inc. USB PnP Sound Device as /devices/platform/soc/c9100000.usb/us
  3. I will be willing and like to try it, but i cannot download from Yadi with my slow intenet phone, it took 1 days or 2 days to download it and it will make the Yadi Link expired. So, if some one willing to put your Images on MediaFire or SolidFiles so i can download it, i will be very happy to try the Images. i have Samsung EVO 32GB and Samsung 8GB SDCard, its not used right now. so i can use it to try the Images.
  4. Thanks for the info. i will put X96 to my wishlist to buy. jfi, my Mini M8S 2GB/16GB box have ~1,8GB RAM too... root@MiniM8S:~# free -m total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 1782 907 129 56 745 773 Swap: 2939 195 2744 root@MiniM8S:~#
  5. OMG..... thanks for the info.... That's good news, but the fake 2GB mentioned by thc013, that's make me doesn't want to buy it.
  6. too bad, i just take interest with the box, if it could connect to eksternal speaker to the jack 3,5", i can use it to play Audio ( like online radio, etc ) without using my TV, to save more power. btw, are you using "S9xxx_4G_ICEWM_MATE_XFCE_LXDE_LXQT_20170129.img.xz" ( ) ? can i ask you about VLC player with video output using X11(XCB), can you play video smooth?
  7. I cannot find it too.... but there is something make me curious, i saw two audio port jack 3,5" in the corner right bellow. is that Audio Jack 3,5" to connect to Headphone or Eksternal Speaker?
  8. What do you need to do with your Android TV Box Arm ? For me , My Mini M8S with S905 using Odroid Ubuntu Mate image but with custom kernel is the best for me, i can install Ubuntu Mate, Xubuntu (based ubuntu odroid) and Kubuntu (based ubuntu odroid) Install it on USB Harddisk and it will smooth, i use it for every day use, like watch video with VLC (no fullscreen), browsing the internet with Firefox and Chromium Web Browser (its have 3D acclerated), editing pictures with gimp, imagemagick and inkscape, creating Epub with Sigil, playing with Kernel Source and other apps source code And make
  9. The diference on CPU Architecture , see here about it - You can install Armbian, Debian for Arm, Ubuntu for Arm to HDD. It's what i did, i install Ubuntu Mate from Odroid ( ) to USB Harddisk. its make the system lag free. I think, it's not possible , Linux Mint doesnt have Arm version they only have x86. Arm Devices/SBC only for OS Based Arm. Ex, if you have Odroid C2 SBC or Raspberry Pi 3, you can install Linux OS for Arm lik
  10. Thanks for the reply.... Actually, i already have comfortable with Odroid Ubuntu Mate from Koxx release, i think its based Odroid Ubuntu Mate v 1.2 It's have Login Manager (lightdm), i can watch video with VLC, of course MPV too, but i like VLC. even i can watch with Kodi in Mate Desktop. Gimp, ImageMagick, Inkscape work like a charm, make DLNA Server for sharing Video, Audio and Pictures. Installing Update will not make the system strange ( i disable apt sourcelist for Odroid, just using Ubuntu apt sourcelist) but... for editing Audio.... Audacity stuck when initializing Soun
  11. Hi All, Is there anyone in here using Armbian for Desktop use with Login Manager, and fully Desktop not the Limited Mate. I try the to make it with Login Manager lightdm but not working, any sugestion for Login Manager? the strange thing, the way Lightdm Init to start is just like in Odroid Ubuntu Mate, Lightdm starting sesion with user c1, Lightdm starting sesion with user c2, etc. And is anyone have tried Update it, and I try to install alot of packages and its make Armbian Desktop usable with glitches. I want to have a Desktop for Editing Audio, Editing Video, a working VLC,
  12. 1. So the problem is, Video out is turned off, Thanks for the info, i hope its will get better. 2. Never mind, lookslike the problem on Ext4 FS in my Usb Harddisk. 3. Thanks, do you think there is vdpau sunxi stuff in your Armbian. I have new problem, i want to make the Mate Desktop much better, and i want to install the Desktop Manager. After i check the packages installed in Ubuntu Mate Odroid , i install it. on the install process, initramfs change the /boot/initrd.img-3.14.29 Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.23-0ubuntu7) ... Processing triggers for systemd (229-4ubuntu16)
  13. Thanks for the reply, i already reads the solution from your post in page 25 and i do what you write in there, thanks again. I just want to give more report about it to Balbes, so in the future release this problem will be fixed. When i plug my Hitachi Touro 2TB, i don't have the icon. Btw, do you have "No Signal" after Google TV Logo? or you can see the text of log progres ?
  14. 1. I'am sory if i'am not clear with my question, my Problem is i have "No Signal" on the process off booting, i delete the boot.bmp but its not helping it, so how to make the process of booting to see the log of boot process ? i go to there is no info about /boot/armbianEnv.txt in Boot Folder, i try to change verbosity what about , where i can get the reference information to edit this file? What it is Blank fb ? do this setting couse "No Signal" on My Samsung TV Screen ? 2. Yup, it doesn't have any effect.
  15. With dtb.img from @xXx i can boot the Armbian_5.27_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_mate_20170323.img.xz , but i got No Signal on Boot time... its gone when it ask to login. So the Framebuffer on Boot time it make my Samsung TV out of range, so it give No Signal..... or there is something else.... To @balbes150 , i have a question: 1. I got Error when proses boot, how to disable it, can i just delete boot.bmp in BOOT Partition to disable it? 2. I Got Trash Error in Mate Desktop, this is not happening back then when i try with Armbian 5.21 - it just like these error mentioned by xXx in here