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    sukanime got a reaction from balbes150 in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    Because Its only 150MB, so i can download it.
    So here my thought after try it on my Mini M8S (S905 with LibreELEC 7.0 in internal MMC) + Samsung 8GB Micro SD Card + Samsung LCD TV 32" LA32D550

    1. No Sound, my Box using AML_M8 Sound card.
    I try using USB Soundcard called 3D Audio ( 0d8c:013c C-Media Electronics, Inc. CM108 Audio Controller ) - price around 2 USD
    the USB Soundcard detected on dmesg but still No Sound when i play Wav Audio with Simple Music Player:
    [    3.456970] input: C-Media Electronics Inc.       USB PnP Sound Device as /devices/platform/soc/c9100000.usb/usb2/2-1/2-1:1.3/0003:0D8C:013C.0003/input/input2 [    3.529206] hid-generic 0003:0D8C:013C.0003: input: USB HID v1.00 Device [C-Media Electronics Inc.       USB PnP Sound Device] on usb-c9100000.usb-1/input3 [    3.539113] meson-gx-mmc d0070000.mmc: error parsing DT: -517

    2. No Wireless and Bluetooth, My Box using RTL8723BS

    3. I have One Magenta Vertical line on the left side on my Monitor.

    4. When i turn off, it leave White Blank Monitor.

    5. Bugs - When i leave My Mini M8S Box for Lunch around 30 minute, then when i go back My Monitor goes Blank with "No Signal",
    I try to Wake Up my Mini M8S by pressing Key on Keyboard and moving my Mouse, but My Box doesn't Wake Up.

    6. I Have cheap USB 2.0 Hubs with 4 Ports connected, but its not detected.
    I have try on both my USB Port, and its still not detected.

    What I liked about sdimage-SATO-201705021359, its doesn't have Blank Screen when booting starting from Google TV logo to Desktop.
    ( I don't like the Blank Screen on Armbian_5.27_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_3.14.29_mate_20170323 and  S9xxx_4G_ICEWM_MATE_XFCE_LXDE_LXQT_20170129 )
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    sukanime reacted to etona in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    Sukanime, tnx you too.
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    sukanime reacted to Batmah in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    Yes ,  this is much faster and smooth if booted from HDD
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    sukanime got a reaction from etona in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    i dont know about air mouse, but you can setup the keyboard in /etc/default/keyboard
    perhaps, you need to find the correct setting in there.

    perhaps, if the airmouse worked in libreelec, you can find the keyboard setup from libreelec and copy it to Armbian.

    I Use My Android TV Box Mini M8S with my 32" Samsung TV, i use it for everyday use, like browsing and watch video with vlc, althoug i cannot make it full screen.
    it have kodi, and it can go to Fullscreen, but not stable.... i try to play Doreamon Movie after playing for around 1 hour, it make the Kodi crash but the Video still playing, and after kodi crash i cannot control it, i have to wait until the video finished to go back to desktop.... 

    sory for my bad english too.... this not my native language...
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    sukanime got a reaction from Nofan Tasi in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    Last month, I have been Un Brick my TV Box, after i apply the sofware update notification, it make the TV Box only show Blank Black.... and its make me panic....
    I never do Sofware Update anymore, and disable or cancel it when the notification is showed.
    for now, if the current system or software doesn't have problem, i will not update it.
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    sukanime reacted to balbes150 in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    Thanks for checking. I'll try to see what can be done with c2play.
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    sukanime got a reaction from balbes150 in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    Thanks for the info.
    I have tried mpv with vo=x11 in my current ubuntu mate, i can scale and full screen, but its make video playback slower, but with default window it smooth just like VLC.
    What about c2play, can you make it work with your Armbian ?
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    sukanime reacted to balbes150 in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    Images 79 based on the kernel from Hardkernel. Images 29 based on the kernel from Amlogic (the same core used in the LE). By the way, I checked Ubuntu the behavior of the program "mpv" (this program is used by default for multimedia playback), video can be scaled. I repeat, just in case, download the new images not sure if the uninstall package "nodm" , the system begins to work normally in previous images. In the last images 29 updated the startup scripts of the system, they can be download separately (version v5) from my GIT and replace the FAT partition.

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    sukanime reacted to balbes150 in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    Updated desktop images. Removed from the composition package "nodm". The order of use without package nodm. After creating a new user, exit from the root user (exit command, or you can reboot with reboot command) and authorization on behalf of the new user. After login give startx.
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    sukanime reacted to balbes150 in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    I found the reason for the bad behavior of desktop latest desktop images. As a temporary solution - to disable the use of the package nodm to start the graphics. To do this, open the configuration file /etc/default/nodm and replace in the first line the value "true" to "false" . To run charts - after starting the system to enter the console username and password, after login give the command "startx". This method can be used on all previous images, where after starting the graphics screen becomes too dark.
    Along the way, found that the system normally displays the color mode 32 and 24 (no previous problems when in 32 bit color desktop became very dark).
    More good news, checked now in Ubuntu playback of normal video. If you do not change the scale of the image is reproduced smoothly. Debian - this video clip is playable slides. Although the sound is played correctly.
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    sukanime reacted to vcka in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    These files are for balbes image. I only recompiled kernel and added dtb.img for s905 not s905x!!! The rootfs is from balbes. Add only those files i uploaded and thats all. Oh and i recompiled xorg drivers.
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    sukanime reacted to vcka in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    Please download needed files
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    sukanime reacted to balbes150 in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   

    If You used booldroot , you can try to compile the kernel and modules with support for mali (to go to booldroot folder and then give the make command menucobfig, mark the desired option and collect). Or download the source code and once in the system S912 to assemble and install. For use restarting the internal firmware, you can use the finalize script s912_autoscript (add check) and an extra script (on the desktop that will install any variable in u-boot, or create a file dummy in BOOT FAT). An example script can be found here.

    To S905X
    As it turned out, during the actual test, S905X works fine run from a USB flash drive. Ie S905X system can be used with SD card and USB flash drive.
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    sukanime reacted to balbes150 in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    When assembling the images, the system generates deb packages with kernel headers and other. Their size is not large. If you want, I can upload them to the website. And you will be able to easily download them to install into an existing system. But I warn you that I this option is not checked and how it works I do not know. Not the fact that it will, but there is a risk that when you update it can overwrite u-boot and have to restore it. You can try to remove the packages from u-boot, do they not fire when you update the kernel and check the update scripts of the kernel (where the generated initrd, etc.).
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    sukanime reacted to balbes150 in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    Gathered for a versatile look that can work on both platforms S905 and S905X. In the images used a new kernel. A side effect from the use of the new engine is not running the output to the console on the monitor\TV. Therefore, for the primary system configuration you must use either connect via SSH or UART console. After the initial setup begins to work normally the system and the system can be used normally using the keyboard and mouse. Positive nuance from the new kernel - it was OK to work off. Now after turning off, you can turn on the TV console as usual with the remote control. In the image included two ready-made startup script for different screen resolutions. To use them, it is necessary to rename the appropriate option in s905_autoscript. To use the image on the platform S905 - it is necessary to copy and rename "dtb.img" directory dtb file. On the platform S905X must work the startup dtb from the internal memory. If it does not work - must similarly copy the correct dtb file.
    Please note, for SSH access and the initial settings you must wait for a secondary reload. At the first start of the image created before the settings for the network and SSH, expanding the secondary section. Then restarts automatically. Only then can you start setting up via SSH or the console UART.
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    sukanime reacted to tpc010 in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    Hi sukamine,
    I'm using Ethernet, so I don't need Wifi, sorry, but if I have time I will check it.
    br tpc010
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    sukanime reacted to jernej in Orange Pi Lite - now available   
    Ok, I checked few things and this should work:
    1. edit platform/platform_ops.c and remove lines from 34 to 39 so the function will just return 0.
    2. deselect all platforms in Makefile
    3. compile with:
    make KSRC=/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build ARCH=arm
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    sukanime got a reaction from kuszi in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    Hi Robert,
    I cannot compile, the driver from here, if i look to Makefile, its for Android.
    You can try using Module Driver from LibreELEC
    If you read the kernel config in here
    LibreELEC have merge module driver for 8189ES.
    # # Amlogic Wifi Driver # CONFIG_AM_WIFI=y # CONFIG_BCMDHD_USE_STATIC_BUF is not set CONFIG_AM_WIFI_DUMMY=m CONFIG_RTL8189ES=m CONFIG_RTL8189FS=m CONFIG_RTL8192EU=m CONFIG_RTL8723AU=m CONFIG_RTL8723BS=m CONFIG_RTL8821AU=m CONFIG_RTL8812AU=m You try to Boot LibreELEC with SDCard to see if it working with your TV Box.
    Here the download link build for S905 | LibreELEC
    If its work, you can get from LibreELEC kernel in here, you need to download it, and the driver will be in folder drivers/amlogic/wifi/.
    Right now, i'am trying too... but still on the way....
    Btw, try to read Koxx post in here
    The way he try to compile module driver for wifi and soundcard is awesome...
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    sukanime reacted to kuszi in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X (ver 5.44 =<)   
    thanks for your recommendations. I'm afraid this level of (positive) hacking is somehow above my level. I'll try to go on with 8189es driver and Armbian - I'll dig other forums as well.