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  1. scargill

    NanoPi R4S

    Not sure what's to get excited about with the R4S until we get Armbian so we can run OpenMediaVault on the board - or am I missing something. https://tech.scargill.net/friendlyarm-nanopi-r4s-sbc/
  2. including setup of serial port and i2c on that first armbian-config menu item??
  3. Hi Brand new (stretch) setup - armbian-config does not seem to want to change keyboard or allow hardware setup for i2c etc. I recall in the past using this board with Armian and having no issues. grabbed latest armbian-config update - that didnt improve things. Under system and wireless options in armbian-config - toggle hardware configuration is empty - ie nothing on left or right. Ideas anyone?
  4. scargill


  5. I may be being thick but when I went here... https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-plus-2e/ All I'm seeing is 2 large "legacy" buttons so I assumed that is all there is for this board.
  6. Sorry about the delay - sleep (UK) Linux plus2e 4.11.5-sun8i #11 SMP Fri Jun 23 20:03:23 CEST 2017 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux
  7. Ok, I got it - all on one line... overlays=uart1 uart2 uart3 i2c0 i2c1 Even the unused UU has disappeared - and all is well.
  8. Groan... but now the serial doesn't work any more (write error despite permissions being fine)... I think altering the FEL file might've done that as the serial overlays are still there... permissions look ok too.
  9. HOWEVER Adding these following your earlier example overlays=i2c1 overlays=i2c0 Has moved an ugly UU entry to i2c1 - and my device now appears on i2c0 - - and..... the display WORKS - Wheeeeeeee. Thanks!
  10. [twi0_para] twi0_used = 1 twi0_scl = port:PB00<2><default><default><default> twi0_sda = port:PB01<2><default><default><default> Also one for twi1_para - and a twi_para - I set all 3 to 1 - recompiled - rebooted - no difference whatsoever... still - at least now i know how to manipulate that file... I don't think it has done anything though... the script.bin file has definitely been updated...
  11. Hi there - no it is not appearing - but usually I use I2c1 - and there you have hit my limit - I have NO idea how to use that FEX - indeed I found an editor in the config and now I can't find that - but no I have not enabled them in FEX - it would be nice to enable i2c1 - ????
  12. Erm I wonder if I can push my luck - the Serial is all working now... but when I come to look at I2c - (i2cdetect) only I2c 0 is there... and that appears to be pins 3 and 5 on the 40 way connector - but taking my SSD1306 display (I put them on all my boards with a little Python driver) - and plugging it in - nothing is showing on port 3c.... unusual... any thoughts?
  13. Thank you... Well I clicked on LEGACY for this board as that's the only one I could find on the Armbian site (Orange Pi Plus 2E) - please point me elsewhere if I picked the wrong one - however - your fixes worked. I had already had a go with the FEL editor - not having a clue what I was doing - simply setting the current 0 setting for the 3 serial ports to 1 - but that didn't work (it did result in a WHOLE boatload of serial ports however, appearing in DEV) But just adding in the setting you both provided - works a treat - all 3 ports work and I can forget about the debug port - though it really would be good to know how to turn that debug off on port 0 - utterly wasted for me, once I'm up and running.
  14. Hi Can someone help. I have the current "legacy" ubuntu for Orange Pi Plus 2E - installed this morning. Everything seems fine except - I cannot figure out how to enable the serial port ttyS0 for general use - the console keeps grabbing it - I tried altering the boot cmd from console=both to console=tty1 - and I recompiled that as per the instructions - no difference - I can see on boot up that it is setting up ttys0 for debugging - and when I try to enable and then use it in Node-Red - it works at first - then some debug info comes in - and Node-Red loses control of the serial port. Can anyone help - also - SURELY there is more than one serial port on this board? The connector suggests at least 3 - but only ttyS0 is showing up in /dev - ideas? (without recompiling the entire operating system)?
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