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  1. I reflashed the card here is the output root@starfive2:~# free -m total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 7948 187 7701 1 137 7761 Swap: 0 0 0 By the way, no output on the HDMI screen
  2. Yes It seems that the image is no loger accecible after copying the ssh keys to it and reboot/poweroff 2-3 times. Yesterday I was able to login from the pc with the copied keys but not from any other pc with password. Today I am not able to login at all anymore. Though, I saw yesterday that it was reporting 7,9 GB after login which should be ~4 GB
  3. It seems that I was suffering of a bad sd card. I used a different card and also the EDGE image boots fine
  4. I did the update of uboot. Here is the output of the update: I then tested Armbian_23.06_Starfive2_sid_edge_6.5.0.img which is not booting The legacy image Armbian_23.06_Starfive2_sid_legacy_5.15.115.img boots fine https://paste.armbian.com/yajunefiza
  5. @balbes150 VisionFive 2 ver 1.3b bootloader v 3.0.4. I tested the two images below, and they do not boot. Let me know if you need any other output from uboot before I update. Armbian_23.06_Starfive2_sid_edge_6.5.0.img Armbian_23.06_Starfive2_sid_legacy_5.15.115.img
  6. Is this step manadatory? I am already at v 3.0.4. Which version is needed? The latest is v 3.4.5.
  7. @carlos8agomez No this is not the answer, to your question. The answer is connect to pin PC9 that is GPIO 73 and use w1-gpio-cl
  8. @carlos8agomez It seems that you do not read. You have all the info from me and@ALIGMSTEN but you keep asking the same question. In my post, I write: [ 5.576315] sun50i-h616-pinctrl 300b000.pinctrl: pin PC9 already requested by onewire@0; cannot claim for 300b000.pinctrl:73 ..... modprobe w1-gpio-cl m1="gdt:73"
  9. I am not sure as I do not follow the development at the moment. Before going for a full build, for a non-productive machine, I would start by editing the dts (there is an armbian-config tool for that). Then the driver might exist in the full firmware package (check it in the github rerpo). If not, then I would try to build the driver, or I would go for a full build as mentioned by Werner
  10. Probably missing the dts parts for wifi and/or driver. The dts parts and the driver are available here (last 2 commits) if you want to test it.
  11. Could you please share or point to this default environment, as I don't have the board available for tests at the moment?
  12. I am posting at this topic as per the download page instructions. If a new topic is needed, please split I want to try Armbian on an old Intel Atom Z3735F (Mele PCG03) with burned emmc, and I am wondering if the Generic Intel / AMD image will boot from usb. Z3735F uses 32b efi with 64b processor. With my previous tests, I was able to install only debian from the net image. The other images (installers) as well as Ubuntu installers could not identify & install 32bit efi. PS: It seems that (probably due to burned emmc) POST is failing at boot (even if I disable emmc from BIOS), so I can't boot without a monitor attached (though I could boot headless windows10 with the emmc). Any hint or pointers how to deal with this in order to boot linux without monitor?
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