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  1. curious, do you plan to use panfrost for X11 driver or just for framebuffer ?
  2. @gnthibault Before flashing to internal you could have taken backup from internal eMMC (using ddbr) to restore when anything goes wrong or should you change your mind and decide to revert back. The install-2018 script is text file and easy to understand. So certainly open source and also self documented. Nevertheless, I always run it step by step manually (did so twice on different s912 kvim2) as to double check for myself what is being done. Basically it partitions eMMC and copies SD to eMMC. Then it adjust few text files to refer to eMMC in stead of SD. Are your 2 S912 boxes equal model? Then maybe you can backup eMMC from one and restore it to other? Just a thought...
  3. Good luck with your Khadas EDGE ! Everyone eagerly waits for the Software you build...
  4. I copied s912-uboot.img to uboot.img indeed. It was on VIM2 though. People report different results on different hardware. I am planning to try it on other hardware soon.
  5. I am not so sure: root@aml:~# uname -a Linux aml 4.19.0-rc7-aml-s9xxx #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Oct 19 09:03:49 MSK 2018 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux root@aml:~# zcat /proc/config.gz | grep -i MT7601 # CONFIG_MT7601U is not set
  6. Perhaps. Note, one also needs to choose and set correct dtb (in /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf for 2018 u-boot).
  7. what I did on VIM2 was [when booted Armbian_5.64_Aml-s9xxx_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.19.0-rc7_desktop_20181019 from SD]: - in /boot/ copy s912-uboot.img to uboot.img - in /root/ run perhaps not for faint of heart but it worked for me.
  8. It looks to me you are more after AML specific modules like from, say amlogic 3.14.29 kernel. These may never have reached 4.18.x
  9. what exact command do you give and what is the exact error output?
  10. if you just want kodi, why not go for elec kind of solution?
  11. OK @balbes150 my bad ... I voted 1. but should have voted 2. then
  12. I may have misunderstood. I flashed your multiboot u-boot so do I need to vote 2?