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    exquisitus reacted to zet_lab in Armbian for tv box Z28   
    Hello everybody!
    Just want to apologize for my English, , translate through Google (so for me faster)
    RockChip allows you to install the image from Linux directly to the emmc, but for this you need to do operations from the computer on which Linux is installed.

    Here I compiled an archive with the necessary scripts, I've already laid out it on 4pda.ru
    You may need to install any of the packages listed on page 7. (http://opensource.rock-chips.com/images/d/d5/RK3328_Linux-Debian_V1.1_Development_Guide-20170711.pdf)
    The tv-box should be in the mode of the maskrom.

    I tried on the original z28 and I ran without a problem the last image from Rosk64 (
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    exquisitus reacted to TarableCode in NanoPi Duo (plus Mini Shield)   
    You can actually squeeze a NanoPi Duo, RJ45 MagJack (LED,GND pins off), a USB port, and tiny buck converter on a half-size breadboard.

    Seems to be working fine with a user built stretch image for the Orange Pi Zero target, at least initially.
    Max current @12vDC I saw was under 400mA with sysbench and WiFi running but more tests are needed.
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    exquisitus reacted to r1kaomsk in Armbian for tv box Z28   
    I have wrote some manuals in russian language, you can use it if you can translate it - http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=819860&st=340#entry63238627
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    exquisitus reacted to mindee in NanoPi Duo (plus Mini Shield)   
    For the M.2-2242 SSD socket, It will be NanoPi NEO Core.

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    exquisitus got a reaction from helikopter in Orange Pi Zero /4.11.0-sun8i/ wlan0 is gone   
    uhuh, thank you for your reply... i hate to say that, i really do, but such a reply is indeed less useful than no reply at all. disapponting.
    see my question is completely void of any emotional baggage. and your reply is loaded with it, patronizing, full of prejudice and attitude.
    do i need that? not at all. last time i checked i had eyes and got an impression i could see, so it would be probably wiser if you assume you are the only one with eyes in a land of the blind.
    want to communicate how cool you are? didn't work, better luck next time.
    and yes, if i could fix the problem, i would have done that. if i had not done it, that simply means that i cannot do it and i would like to read useful opinions to get a better understanding from people who are perhaps more knowledgeable, ok?
    not at all interested in wasting my time bickering or playing games.
    why in hell is empty smartass talk even a trend here, what useful purpose does that serve... jesus...