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  1. so that is a clone known on 4pda as "cheapified"/"cheapened" or whatever? possibly what r1kaomsk here refers to as do you think this will work on an original z28 pro v11? anyway please post detailed instructions.
  2. installed it on what device exactly (pcb label, components, etc)?
  3. igor so we are getting a different outcome from the same procedure... puzzling... i would like to know why so i can get what you get, because i get nothing... how is your pcb labeled? mine is XJH-RK28-V11 20170808.
  4. igor did you get hdmi output after flashing armbian? i followed zet-labs procedures carefully and got red led and no hdmi output. so it does not seem that it worked for my alfawise z28 pro v11... i don't know what (if anything) i am doing wrong... here is the output... do you see anything wrong? ./flash_tool.sh -c rk3328 -p system -i image/Armbian_5.34.171121_Rock64_Ubuntu_xenial_default_4.4.77.img PARTITIONS OFFSET: 0 sectors. Downloading bootloader succeeded. Write LBA from file (100%) Reset Device OK.
  5. so igor, what do you think, what are the chances for a working distro with eth and wifi for z28 pro (11) within several months? thanx
  6. is there a reset button on this pcb? that thing under the audio jacks?
  7. thanx for the link, some great info there, russian is no problem at all, i am on 4pda, it's a great forum
  8. which version is on the photo? is that it https://www.banggood.com/Z28-RK3328-Quad-Core-2GB-RAM-16GB-ROM-Android-7_1-2_4G-WiFi-100M-LAN-4Kx2K-60fps-H_265-HEVC-Android-p-1133993.html also, do you have a link for your (or somebody else's) tutorials on how to install armbian on rockchip boxes? i have a need for a cheap *nix box with usb3 (can live without gbit) and, naturally, these rockchip boxes looks somewhat relevant, if i can put a *nix on them, that is...
  9. uhuh, thank you for your reply... i hate to say that, i really do, but such a reply is indeed less useful than no reply at all. disapponting. see my question is completely void of any emotional baggage. and your reply is loaded with it, patronizing, full of prejudice and attitude. do i need that? not at all. last time i checked i had eyes and got an impression i could see, so it would be probably wiser if you assume you are the only one with eyes in a land of the blind. want to communicate how cool you are? didn't work, better luck next time. and yes, if i could fix the problem, i would have done that. if i had not done it, that simply means that i cannot do it and i would like to read useful opinions to get a better understanding from people who are perhaps more knowledgeable, ok? not at all interested in wasting my time bickering or playing games. why in hell is empty smartass talk even a trend here, what useful purpose does that serve... jesus...
  10. is there any hope for a working driver under 4.11 in foreseeable future then?
  11. mine 512m is without flash. some people in ali comments claim theirs have flash. so perhaps new versions are with flash? anybody here with a version that has flash on it? example from ali with flash https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/UT8qwZZXLdXXXagOFbXJ.jpg
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