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  1. Installed armbian 5.96, debian buster 5.3.0.rc8 kernel, i don't have any wireless network, device is khadas vim1, what could be the problem?
  2. So what if i want to update Vim1, which files should i choose to update kernel and dtb, i can't find vim dtb in synaptic?
  3. Sorry guys, haven't been here for a while. I've seen new images are tagged as g12, so this is s905x2 family, can you tell me what do i need to do to make it run on s905x, as i remember i need to edit uenv.ini file? I never needed to do that because i have vim1, and armbian images were using vim dtb as default.
  4. Balbes150, One thing i noticed yesterday, after updating initramfs, i did get sound back, but mpv lost acceleration in fullscreen, i don’t understand why? I am using armbian 5.75., kernel 4.19.21, when i had no sound, everything else was fine, maybe i need to change something in mpv configuration, but i am not sure what?
  5. Yes, thank you, i've solved it already, didn't knew i have to cd to that directory.
  6. Here is the log file, running on khadas vim, armbian 5.75., kernel 4.20.5. Maybe i am missing some packages? install.log To anyone who has problems with installation, use Midnight commander, it works with it!
  7. I can attach log file tomorrow, i'd like to test this, even though this is alpha.
  8. I've tried to run your script on khadas vim, i am getting various errors when installing kernel and mali module, failed to read and cannot access archive, most of the stuff wasn't installed.
  9. Is it possible to put, in my case hdmi monitor to sleep, without the need for manually turning it off, i know this is maybe silly question that crossed my mind, but i do want to know. I know i've read somewhere that power management functions like suspend or hubernate are impossible to implement, but this shouldn't be impossible?
  10. Sound doesn't work on hdmi monitor.
  11. I am running latest armbian 5.67 kernel 4.19.7. I was looking for some backup software to backup apps, in case of reinstalling the image. I've found Apt-clone, which has only cli interface, and Aptik, which has cli and gtk ui. It looks like Aptik has far more options to pick, at least on the pictures, and it's gtk version is far better than apt-clone. Thing is, this gtk version is armhf architecture, it is available in repositories, but it gives me a message that my system can become unusable if install it. It says it will remove one essential package(apt), and 13 other that also look like they are important, armbian-config is one of them, so i am scared to install this. Anyone tried it, did it broke the system?
  12. Yeah, i do know it will be without OpenGL, and it will stay that way until Lima driver starts supporting it? About Gnome, synaptic has 3.2.x version, i've read that 3.30 versions are Arm supported, and there is no way to add 3.30 gnome repo, maybe only way is to compile it from source?
  13. Is it possible to use it on existing Armbian/Amlogic boards images, or do we need to build image?
  14. I've seen a lot of changes are coming in kernel 4.21, will it be possible to use wayland in the near future?
  15. About vpu decoding, as i understand this is just a question of hours/days before it is integrated into mainline kernel? And all of the future Amlogic patches will also be updated in 4.19 lts kernel? Will it be possible to watch chromium/firefox accelerated videos when it lands, i did read a little about chromium/chrome not being accelerated in Linux, so i guess that will remain an issue? What is the status of Wayland drivers for Amlogic s905/x, will it be possible to use them in the near future?