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  1. I have tried Armbian_5.34_S9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_4.9.40_server_20171112.img via USB. I can see activity on the USB disk but the screen stays blank.... Is USB or SD card better in this scenario?
  2. What is the image trying ? Armbian_5.71_Aml-s9xxx_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.20.2_20190118.img.xz What dtb ? How do you set up a dtb ? I remember not having to install a DTB because everything worked out of the box. What is the exact version of the image installed on the eMMC ? I believe it was the 5.34 server image. What media are you trying to use (sd or USB) ? I have tried both but it is either not booting at all or booting from MMC and oopsing..
  3. Sorry for being annoying, but how can I do that? It doesn't seem to happen automatically when I insert the SD card? I dont have serial access as the the pads are too small
  4. Yeah this was working for months with whatever DTB so must be eMMC problem. Is this box for the garbage?
  5. It's a while since I set this box up.. it just decided not to boot recently.. I believe i used some script supplied by armbian or yourself to install onto the internal storage. I think it was 5.34 I've tried to solder the serial headers but I cannot I started to make a mess. Here is the boot sequence: I c
  6. I have bricked my s905x box, I installed onto the in built memory and now it kernel oops. It was working for a long time. How can I force to boot off SD card again?
  7. configure: error: unsupported native build platform: aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu how do i fix that @balbes150 could you update your kodi builds to fix cec support?
  8. @balbes150 do you have compile instructions for kodi anywhere
  9. it seems the kodi package has been compiled without cec support
  10. I'm having problems with 3.14.29 bionic and CEC. CEC was working with 16.04 but not bionic. And tips on how to get it to work?
  11. anyone got kodi to work on bionic with s905x? I'm getting cant create GUI
  12. Any way to get the simple iptv client working here with the armbian kodi builds?
  13. Also, has soneone worked around the issue that any video freezes after seek(using fast-forward for example) on kodi? It's a bit annoying and happens on both armbian and arch kodi
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