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  1. I agree with this. When I run storage benchmarks for my review videos, (using Phoronix), I run through the full gamut of options, (block sizes, reads, writes, etc), as well as using several different tools. This usually ends up taking a week to complete just the storage benchmarks, but gives a *MUCH* better picture on overall performance.
  2. MickMake


  3. Yeah, I was going to go with 10GbE, but it would have set the price too high. :-) Yup, different memory sizes are available. I'll even throw in a free stick of BluTak - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blu_Tack. Ahem... Well, around 100,000 Argentinian Pesos. It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't. The exchange rate is pretty good... or was. You gotta love it.
  4. LOL. I like the fact that there's no need for component placement accuracy.
  5. Glad to help out where I can, mate!
  6. And for those who prefer a video, you can check out my video here:
  7. MickMake

    The mmBoard

    Hi guys! Thought I'd let you know about a new board that I've just released - called the mmBoard. Has all the features that SBC hackers have been wanting, plus more. https://www.mickmake.com/post/announcing-the-mmboard-a-mickmake-sbc-with-all-the-goodies Let me know if there's any questions about it. Would be happy to answer them.
  8. Yes, I tend to approach this with a lot of boards, because the average Joe is always on the hunt for something they can use quickly. Most of the time I tend to direct them towards an RPi as a lot of boards don't fit into the "easy" category. As you said the OPiZ is a good example. From what Igor has said, it seems that they actually have a decent relationship with the hacker community. This is great news. I don't mind a company pushing out boards when the expectation is WYSIWYG... ... on the other hand companies like the Pine64... Yeah, well. Marketing at its worst, (or best, whichever way you look at it). I have been lead to believe that the original creator of the Pine64 was a decent guy, but he hired a gun slinging marketer who came in blazing. The end result is the mess that we see today.
  9. Hi guys, It's always tricky doing reviews as things change very quickly. So my initial review concentrates on how quickly an "average Joe" can get their board doing what they want it to do and whether it will actually do it. Then I'll follow up with updates getting into deeper testing. I don't like companies shoving products to market and expecting the community to pick up the slack. They need to put at least *some* effort into their product aside from hardware design. I bet none of the community has been paid for their efforts, yet the company is reaping the rewards? A lot of effort has been put into Armbian, yet companies like Orange Pi seem to gracefully ignore these efforts. At least some gratitude, (if not financial), would be nice. The Pine64 was a case in point: I eventually did three reviews on that hoping that things would change, but alas still one primary guy, (longsleep), doing all the hard yards. Apart from that I like the OPiZ and have a couple of projects in mind for it that the RPiZ won't be able to keep up with.
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