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    emorysmith reacted to dwhacks in Orangepi One wont connect ethernet unless through switch   
    Wow, funny thing is, that's the same switch I have!
    I dont seem to have the option for auto100. I only have "auto" and "auto10" also 10HDx, 100HDx, 10FDx, and 100FDx.
    As for the ABS-D tracker I followed these two guides:
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    emorysmith reacted to cbm801 in Simple hardware terminal emulator/display for debugging booting issues   
    Maybe this is not strictly related to Orange Pi PC but a few weeks ago I had problems with booting my device - mainly OpenELEC and I had to debug it somehow using serial port and the terminal. Unfortunately my PC is rather far from the place where I keep OPiPC. So I was forced to prepare separate device - cheap STM32 MCU based terminal display with 2.2" LCD screen directly supplied from Orange Pi PC 3.3V. It can be used also with other devices which allow serial console debugging.
    Watch below videos for more details and the code:

    Maybe someone finds it useful.
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    emorysmith reacted to dwhacks in Orangepi One wont connect ethernet unless through switch   
    Well a little info, I've been using my orangepi one with an SDR dongle to track airplanes with flightradar24 for the last few months. My intentions were to use a POE adapter and run the board outside near the antenna at one point. I have now received the final parts and went to move it today. It has been running flawlessly for a month with my POE adapter off of a switch near my PC in my shop. I now plan on connecting it to the main switch on my LAN.
    So previously my setup was: Router -> switch -> long ethernet to shop -> swtich -> orangepione
    now I want to run it: Router -> switch -> long ethernet to outside -> orangepione
    But for some reason this doesn't work, it doesn't connect to the LAN unless it is behind both switches.
    After booting it says:
    phy: gmac0-0:00 - link is up full/100
    phy: gmac0-0:00 - link is down
    And repeats this every couple seconds. But if I unplug the ethernet cable and add the second switch between then it connects just fine. My laptop connects fine behind either setups so it cant be the cables.
    Any ideas? are there settings in armbian that could be giving me these issues?
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    emorysmith reacted to Da Alchemist in Orange Pi PC (plus) + Armbian + Guitarix= Guitar effectprocessor?   
    I have installed  JackD and  Guitarix  on my OpiPC+ and it looks promissing. As Soundcard i have plugged in a cheap Behringer UCA202 

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    emorysmith reacted to pzw in Orangepi One wont connect ethernet unless through switch   
    Try "sudo ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full autoneg off" ...
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    emorysmith reacted to mariuszb in (suggestion) Webmin - easy Armbian manager   
    Hi,   I would suggest that in Armbian use Webmin as default. - easy interface - very easy to check the status of Armbiana - easy to install basic services, eg. Ftp, samba   There are many questions on the forum related to the different installations, using this program is much easier.   How to install (Orange Pi PC ):  (Webmin updates itself to the latest version - notification appears) sudo apt-get install -y perl libnet-ssleay-perl openssl libauthen-pam-perl libpam-runtime libio-pty-perl apt-show-versions python  sudo wget http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/webadmin/webmin_1.831_all.deb          sudo dpkg --install webmin_1.831_all.deb  
     access:  (ignore https warning)
     https://your Armbian ip:10000/ to add something eg. samba - see unused modules

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    emorysmith got a reaction from Igor in OPipc (vainilla kernel) doesn't boot without hdmi cable connected   
    Oops! Sorry, I'm new to all this but will try to not goof up anymore.