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  1. For a few Weeks i have little problem with my Nano Pi M4. Whenever I boot up it says: "Loading, please wait...starting version 237" and then i have to wait . Finally it boots up, but there were times this SBC was booting really fast. Is there something i could do, to speed up booting again? Regards
  2. I have build a new image and feed it to my pineh64 (A). It runs up to 1.8GHz now with temperatures going up to 80°C. I think the real improvement is concerning USB3. my attached SSD is showing up UAS mode now! BTW is it possible to get a fixed MAC Adress?
  3. So Armbian Devs are not wvery interested in Rockpro. @TonyMac32 explained why. One more reason to kickoff Rockpro. why not, if you want to change a 3Gb Model B and you are living in the EU (apart from the UK) lets talk about it.
  4. @martinayotte, i do not have any reboot issues on my pineh64 A running OMV ,PIhole and Logitechmediaserver on it without any problems.
  5. Totally agree to this. @chwe, think you never had a Rockpro in your hands. So Devs can concentrate on the Boards that are worth to be supported.
  6. @chwei think you understood what i wanted to say: Everywhere on Armbian Rk3399 devices are marked as WIP , only on the build-system we will find them under "stable". I can only compare the Rockpro64 to my Nanopi M4 an my NEO4 and I must say at this moment Rockpros performance is worse. Developement on Rockpro is done by ayufan and mrfixit, both not active members on this forum, posting Issues here does not make make much sense. There are lot crashing reports on Pines IRC channel. I would not only move this Board back to the "Expert" Side, i think i would kick it completely out of Armbian, so bad performing issues are not being related to Armbian, like it was done by @AxelFoley
  7. Using Rockpro64 for Desktop Scenarios is a really bad idea at this state of development. There is no distro i would recommend for using , i have tried ayufans images, the one from mrfixit and armbian. There is a big lack of developement for this board and i really do not know why it is moved to "stable" on Armbians build system. My Nanopi M4 is running really stable and smooth; acts as Desktop replacemanent since I got the SATA Hat. There are absolutely no crashes running Chromium on armbian, so i think that there are no chromium related issues. I suspect bad hardware design on RockPro.
  8. I have build this Image with Armbians Build system. I am living on the german coutryside, my internet connection is far to slow to upload the image. Perhaps @Igor can change some things, so that there will be nightly builds with 5.01 Kernel for pineH64 again
  9. There must be two connections to the SSD of course, power and sata (there are cables for both connections). If everthing is allright, there must be a green and a red LED turned on. Is your SSD formatted? If not use Gparted to get it formatted.
  10. Armbian is based on friendlyelecs Kernel. It does support the Hat ootb; works perfectly for me.
  11. i do not know if there are any Model A users around i have just build an image Armbian_5.77_Orangepi3_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.0.1_desktop and booted up in Desktop environment. I would not recommend this board for such use-case but it is nice to see that development is coming up. I am going to test network and USB3 later this day.
  12. @dogshome For real speaker measurements, get yourself a calibrated Microphone like the MiniDSP UMIK and use RoomEQWizard as Software. Too fool yourself just go ahead taking measurements with your mobile.
  13. I have just received my SATA HAT, it is recognized and working on Armbian out of the Box (4.4.176-rk3399).
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