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  1. H3/H5/A64 DRM display driver

    Still no change here: AVR shows Multichannel PCM with right Number of Channels , pink noise from speaker-test only on the fronts.
  2. H3/H5/A64 DRM display driver

    I am back home in the evening, of course I will test it
  3. Z28 [RK3328] 1/8

    Did an another test this morning with xenial-minimal-rock64-0.5.10-118-arm64.img.xz from ayufans github. It is not working on my z28 (XJH-ZY168-V00) , burned with etcher. To test the SD card i took Kwiboos Openelec Image LibreELEC-ROCK64.aarch64-8.2-devel-20170818172941-r26033-ge19c7b5.img and burned it to the same card. Apart from no network and the annoying Heartbeat Led, this image is working.
  4. Z28 [RK3328] 1/8

    Just as information, the latest ayufan images are not running on z28 and because rock64 armbian is based on ayufans work it will also not boot. So I would not recommend to buy such box at all, it is just another cheap chinese TV Box.
  5. H3/H5/A64 DRM display driver

    No change so far, still only noise on two channels, AVR shows Multichannel PCM and the right number of channels. dmesg: http://sprunge.us/ieMH
  6. H3/H5/A64 DRM display driver

    Some feedback to HDMI sound: Only pink noise on two channels, silence on all other channels. This Time my AVR indicates Multichannel PCM and the right number of channels, even there is silence on the channels, so i think this is going in the right direction. dmesg :http://sprunge.us/AgiB
  7. H3/H5/A64 DRM display driver

    Here is the output of dmesg http://sprunge.us/KDCP
  8. H3/H5/A64 DRM display driver

    Compiling is running! speaker-test gives 2 channel output with 2, 4, 6, 8 channels testing. There is only noise coming from fronts, channel enumeration is different on -c8, active channels are 0 and 7. (possible wrong channel mapping) speaker-test is running without errors. My AVR only indicates the samplerate, no Dolby Digital anymore, but also no Multichannel PCM. On RK3328 (z28) i found something similar, speaker-test without errors, sound only on the fronts (mapping ok). Kwiboo thinks that there are multichannel patches missing on ayufans kernel.
  9. H3/H5/A64 DRM display driver

    The output of dmesg http://sprunge.us/JJBA
  10. H3/H5/A64 DRM display driver

    Ok, something is happening: ek@orangepiplus2e:~$ speaker-test -D hw:0 -c8 speaker-test 1.1.0 Playback device is hw:0 Stream parameters are 48000Hz, S16_LE, 8 channels Using 16 octaves of pink noise Rate set to 48000Hz (requested 48000Hz) Buffer size range from 32 to 32768 Period size range from 16 to 4096 Using max buffer size 32768 Periods = 4 was set period_size = 4096 was set buffer_size = 32768 0 - Front Left 1 - Front Right 2 - Unknown 3 - Unknown 4 - Unknown 5 - Unknown 6 - Unknown 7 - Unknown Time per period = 23,245443 but: there is no sound on any Channel , just silence. I can here the relays clicking on my AVR and it shows me "Dolby Digital" instead of expected "Multichannel PCM" (that is what i get with my Hummingboard and Raspberry with modified Kernel) I will build a new Kernel with "channels_min = 2" to check if there is sound with only 2 channels.
  11. H3/H5/A64 DRM display driver

    I have started compiling, it will take some time on my old AMD. I ´ll report back!
  12. H3/H5/A64 DRM display driver

    I am Sorry Jernej, I do not have any programming skills. You are doing a fantastic job!
  13. H3/H5/A64 DRM display driver

    I have tested HDMI Audio on my Opi +2e, it is limited to 2 channels.(tested with speaker-test) Anyway it is good to know, that there is still developement on H5/H3 Boards.
  14. Z28 [RK3328] 1/8

    Some Feedback. A short USBA-USBA (ca. 15cm) is not the solution. I could flash the z28 back to stock Firmware with the longer Cable before. eMMC Capacity is listed with 0kb in Android Tools.
  15. Z28 [RK3328] 1/8

    I will check this out on monday