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  1. here it is. client mac dc:44:6d:d3:a6:7f lega.pcapng edit : also i prepared another captures with smartphone hotspot named Redmi. while KYKWIFI network has multiple ssid that maybe cause a confusion. legaredmi is connection with legacy kernel client mac addr is dc:44:6d:d3:a6:7f devredmi is mainline kernel client mac addr 12:42:06:22:8e:d2 devredmi.pcapng legaredmi.pcapng
  2. device(client) mac: 12:42:06:22:8e:d2 and I tried 3 times command iwconfig wlan0 essid KYKWIFI and its the interrupts. dsds.pcapng
  3. @dgpdmesg outputs just that without enabling debug. I got this error while compiling with debug flags. Tried -Wno-error but cant make it
  4. Its failing to associate and this problem not occurs on legacy kernel which is using same firmware. but i dont know how to get debug info. there is no modprobe param for it
  5. My words of is for that anyone who writes about xradio drivers are ignored irrespective of what is written so i want to clarify that im not be annoyed of low throughput and i just want to connect my dorms wifi.. So as long as this open wifi connection bug is not introduced and developers doesnt know about that im here to do bug reporting that maybe can easily solved which i'm believing to.. Sorry for my bad and long english sentences kudos for developers who are still into it
  6. He seems to do commit 3 days ago but the person there talks arrogantly needs debug which must already known by him anyway i didnt know that and apologize for my words. It seems my hope from github is fizzle and i will from now on going with legacy kernel
  7. @dgp please i beg you to fix it if you do i will give you 5000$ paycheck for spending your precious weekend just for me. If you do believe your writings please dont use unix/linux kernel (this is for me).Go for microsoft windows bullshit pay to get your privates sold bla bla.. The kernel that you using is being maintained for free and its free, there is a little part customized by allwinner and armbian(since mainline supports sunxi) and youre saying im not spending my weekend for it lol.If you prefer not to do anything for community i respect you but please keep it for yourself and dont waste your time for typing keep on reading your book or something instead. Me myself still trying to do make a progress from almost zero acknowledge , still waiting my celeron netbook to compile kernel there is almost 5 hours and this is not just for me there must be the people suffer from it.If i do manage to fix it i share my work and do proud of helping community not ....ask money for it. @prajil I thank you sincerely for trying to do something unlike others but as i said on earlier post i tried wpa_supplicant but its also not working for mainline kernel(4.10 -4.10.3 and probably earliers).If youre using open wifi i advice you to keep with legacy kernel.
  8. I'm just laughin my ass off. Im using wifi since 2007 and back in time there is almost no one set passwords for it and its primitive function of wifi is being without encryption. Its not just only my case and should be exposed by anyone so i dont need to share debug info which are just useless. Also for all yours information i have f... dirt cheap 1.7$ esp8266 e-12 thing which have 80mhz cpu 96kB ram and i have no trouble while connecting to my open wifi and share same time(AP+STA) and i got near 8 Mbit/s speed from it. Again im not complaining for speed but connection. hint hint Bubba do you know taylor series and lagrange DE im studying it now lol. addition- My posts intended to do bug report and trying to do troubleshoot with supplying different driver sources but yours are completely flood and off-topic. Its discussed on above sticky thread (not mine) and i assume youre a troll for your last post
  9. I have posted a git repo that merges cw1200 driver with xradio support and asked how can i compile but i gave no answer. I think its like pull request with little support request for a beginner. I dont know if you tried to build that but it sounds more stable for me if got it working. Also i cant find any declaration of this open ap connection problem as known issue.
  10. They dont seem to maintain legacy kernel but also dont give any offer for mainline issues. As i firstly said my problem is not related to speed performance ping coverage etc. its a general problem that blocks anyone who try connect public aps. if its not connecting wpa2 i understand but its just 802.11 stack without encryption and mainline driver lacks of this stupid connection. @Igor I dont understand why you leave my posts unanswered and commented off-topic problems.Im afraid to say that you and other devs behaves so arrogantly. If you want the community to grow just try to be more kind and give proper answers to reasonable problems for your OS. It's the manner of linux based distros and open source communities
  11. You're saying that mainline is recommended in any case but with legacy kernel i can connect to my open AP .Also in this thread you mentioned it as best driver but this problem only occurs on mainline.. If its lack of hw it cant be connected with legacy am i wrong? I appreciate your effort and i thank you for it but developers just given up with this xr819 driver and cant accept any discussion. I even tried to compile driver from sources and changed some flags but cant get it worked. I found a xradio to cw1200 port in git but cant compile it https://github.com/plaes/xradio. little help ? thanks again
  12. With mainline kernel and its xradio module i cant connect to any open wifi networks. I tried wpa_supplicant network-manager and networking but this device just refuse to connect ap's that doesnt have encryption. This problem not related to performance nor coverage so please not say just crappy sources, dont have datasheet etc. and please try to fix this major problem. Thanks..
  13. i just kindly request that fix this broken open wifi connections(not having security-nor wep or wpa). I cant use my dorm internet due to that. it never associates with ap.(its for mainline nightlies. in legacy it connects)
  14. armbian mainline kernels has broken open wifi connections(no pass). does anyone encounter that? i tried network manager, wpa-supplicant and "iwconfig essid xx ap xx" but no luck.
  15. im curious about that too. does anyone tried monitor mode? im going to buy opi zero just for its built-in wifi
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