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    lauhub got a reaction from gnasch in Armbian in Read Only Mode   
    Hi again,
    I successfully made overlayroot work under Debian Jessie.
    Ubuntu package
    I installed overlayroot_0.27ubuntu1.2_all.deb package
    wget dpkg -i overlayroot_0.27ubuntu1.2_all.deb Correcting overlayfs module name
    About the following error:
    Failure: overlayroot: missing kernel module overlayfs I had to modify the /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-bottom/overlayroot file:
    Here is a diff:
    diff --suppress-common-lines -r -y ./usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-bottom/overlayroot /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-bottom/overlayroot VARIABLES="overlayroot overlayroot_cfgdisk"                   | VARIABLES="overlayroot overlayroot_cfgdisk overlayroot_driver         overlayfs)                                            |         overlayfs|overlay)                 mount_type="overlayfs"                        |                 mount_type="overlay"                 mount_opts="${mount_opts} overlayroot ${ROOTM |                 mount_opts="${mount_opts} overlay ${ROOTMNT}" mount --move "${ROOTMNT}" "${root_ro}" ||                     | mount -o move "${ROOTMNT}" "${root_ro}" ||         mount --move ${root_ro} ${ROOTMNT}                    |         mount -o move ${root_ro} ${ROOTMNT} mount --move ${root_ro} "${ROOTMNT}${root_ro}" ||             | mount -o move ${root_ro} "${ROOTMNT}${root_ro}" || mount --move "${root_rw}" "${ROOTMNT}${root_rw}" ||           | mount -o move "${root_rw}" "${ROOTMNT}${root_rw}" || As you can see, I added one variable to the VARIABLES list and made some changes to mount parameters.
    Here is the complete file:
    I modified the /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/overlayroot:
    diff --suppress-common-lines -r -y ./usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/overlayroot /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/overlayroot manual_add_modules overlayfs                                  | manual_add_modules overlay Configuration
    I added a file named /etc/overlayroot.local.conf (instead of modifying /etc/overlayroot.conf):
    overlayroot_cfgdisk="disabled" overlayroot="tmpfs" overlayroot_driver="overlay" Chrooting to R/W
    Last but not least, I had to modify the overlayroot-chroot executable
    diff --suppress-common-lines -r -y ./usr/sbin/overlayroot-chroot /usr/sbin/overlayroot-chroot         overlay=$(grep -m1 "^overlayroot / overlayfs " /proc/ |         overlay=$(grep -m1 "^overlay / overlay " /proc/mounts  
    I attached an archive with the modifications.
    tar zxvf overlayroot-debian-lauhub.tar.gz -C / after package installation should do the trick
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    lauhub got a reaction from wildcat_paris in Boot hangs at "random: nonblocking pool is initialized"   
    I still have the same problem on some SD cards (even with network connected).
    Here is another lead I have not time yet to follow:

    Apparently, the kernel switches to a video mode that is not seen through serial link. So adding nomodeset could avoid this blocking.
    I am interested in the link of the other thread you talked about
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    lauhub reacted to Igor in Legacy (kernel 3.4.x) for A10-Lime   
    It's disabled in config. Enable it and it should work.
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    lauhub got a reaction from wildcat_paris in Boot hangs at "random: nonblocking pool is initialized"   
    Thank you,
    I think I found why it did not work: without Ethernet cable connected, the boot process hangs. With the Ethernet cable connected, it works.
    So I think that the random pool was not enough random without the cable connection.
    So good news: my SD card is fine !