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  1. almost forgot: there's onboard 8GB eMMC chip (actually preloaded with Ubuntu image), and it's also not visible if I boot the Nanopineo2 Armbian image. It will be great to have a way to push Armbian onto that chip too.
  2. thank goodness they decided for a better chip I just checked, the Ubuntu image that FriendlyARM is providing sees all those components correctly.
  3. FriendlyARM has recently launched a new board in its NEO family: NanoPi NEO Plus2 As of Armbian_5.32.170704_Nanopineo2_Ubuntu_xenial_dev_4.11.8.img, few things aren't working: out of 1GB RAM, only 512MB is visible the USB socket closer to the edge (USBN1) is not visible, even with overlays Wifi and Bluetooth are not visible (AP6212A) (it's not a complaint, but just a statement
  4. well, easier said than done. I'm still digging out of a backlog of my current projects
  5. I'm fine with experimental status, but just wondering, how did 4.10.3-sun8i memorize the MAC address, and why 4.11.3-sun8i does not? Also, why is today's nightly build of Nanopi Neo2 not having this issue? Is the network hardware completely different on it?
  6. also after poweroff command, the board starts up again by itself
  7. I'm not complaining, just eager to help identifying the problems
  8. with 4.11, there's still an issue that an attached WiFi dongle is not visible after reboot, and it needs to be re-plugged (or the whole board needs a power-cycle). It looks like the USB device initialization is broken at soft reboot.
  9. Now 4.11 kernel update is missing for nanopineo2. The link returns 404:
  10. Here's my small improvement on their acrylic enclosure:
  11. the serial console shows that it comes up, but the USB devices are not visible. I'll try more troubleshooting when I get the time.
  12. Got my Neo2, playing some early tests. The plastic enclosure is unfortunately useless: it's 3D printed, and it doesn't fixate the heatsink. Also I broke the enclosure while trying to insert the board. Fresh Armbian booted fine, and with a WiFi dongle, it's much more stable than OPI0 (OPI0 hanging up after less than an hour). What I noticed, is that it doesn't come up after a reboot, and needs a power cycle. here I wrote a short summary:
  13. As now /boot/armbianEnv.txt contains the line "overlay_prefix=sun8i-h3", the string above does not work, and it needs to look like follows: overlays=usbhost2 usbhost3