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  1. projetoarduino

    eMMC device not Detected by armbian on nanoPi duo core

    Hi to enable mmc try this
  2. projetoarduino

    NanoPi Neo Core Ethernet.

    @felipeduque The audio that I mentioned is on h3, i tested sound and mic and work.
  3. Try this
  4. projetoarduino

    NanoPi Neo Core Ethernet.

    Hi marco, i use this file on debian xenial, i dont have any idea why this file dont on on debian strech. Please download xenial version an copu the device tree file when i descrybe.
  5. projetoarduino

    NanoPi Neo Core Ethernet.

    Hi Marco, The is necessary run only once to fixed mac address number.
  6. projetoarduino

    Nano pi core enable ethernet file

    The nano pi core armbian image not have ethernet support I made the file with little modification to fix this.
  7. projetoarduino

    NanoPi Neo Core Ethernet.

    Hi the solution you found here
  8. projetoarduino

    uboot fdt apply

    I'm trying to learn a little more about uboot and device tree, I already managed to create my own boot.scr, but I'm not having any success with device tree overlay, especially when typing the command. fdt apply ${load_addr} before I can type all these commands successfully setenv kernel "zImage" setenv ramdisk "uInitrd" setenv fdtfile "sun8i-h3-nanopi-neo-core.dtb" setenv load_addr "0x44000000" setenv rootdev "/dev/mmcblk0p1" setenv verbosity "1" setenv console "both" setenv disp_mem_reserves "off" setenv rootfstype "ext4" setenv consoleargs "console=ttyS0,115200" setenv uuid "UUID=7ac33e6e-fa92-4fd2-bb7c-bde01b119803" setenv rootfstype "ext4" part uuid mmc 0:1 partuuid load mmc 0 ${kernel_addr_r} /boot/${kernel} load mmc 0 ${ramdisk_addr_r} /boot/${ramdisk} load mmc 0 ${fdt_addr_r} /boot/${fdtfile} fdt addr ${fdt_addr_r} fdt resize load mmc 0 ${load_addr} /boot/dtb/sun8i-h3-w1-gpio.dtbo here is the error screen where nothing happens
  9. projetoarduino

    Failed to start Load Kernel Modules.

    After compile my own kernel a have same problem above. Anyone help me ? I try use nano pi core, now after build kernel with the changes in DTS i have network and mmc working together, but when startup i have the same problem above I put modules in /lib/modules/4.16.0-rc1 but noting change
  10. projetoarduino

    Nano pi DUO GPIO PL11

    Hello. I am trying read to directly access GPIO PL11 (IRTX) from nano Pi DUO without success, other pins with this same code work very well. Via Userspace work well echo "363" > /sys/class/gpio/export echo "in" > /sys/class/gpio/gpio363/direction cat /sys/class/gpio/gpio363/value Then i receive 0 or 1 (This proves that hardware is ok.) My example code To compile gcc gpio_lib.c simple_gpio.c -o blink #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include "gpio_lib.h" int main() { sunxi_gpio_init(); //gpio_PA3 sunxi_gpio_set_cfgpin(SUNXI_GPA(4), SUNXI_GPIO_OUTPUT); sunxi_gpio_set_cfgpin(SUNXI_GPL(11), SUNXI_GPIO_INPUT); while(1) { unsigned int b = sunxi_gpio_input(SUNXI_GPL(11)); printf("%x\n", b); sunxi_gpio_output(SUNXI_GPA(4), 1); sleep(1); sunxi_gpio_output(SUNXI_GPA(4), 0); sleep(1); } return 0; } gpio_lib.c gpio_lib.h simple_gpio.c
  11. projetoarduino

    NanoPi Duo (plus Mini Shield)

    Hi guys some news about an armbian compilation for this board.
  12. projetoarduino

    Lib Addon H3 node.js

    My little contribution for the community Node.js 4 GPIO control for h3 processors.