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    FrankM reacted to Werner in NanoPi R4S   
    Board does now properly boot on current and dev branch.
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    FrankM got a reaction from Igor in Summer update. Bust.er4all boards   
    Quick test on ROCKPro64 - nice job! Thanks @ Armbian Team!!
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    FrankM reacted to Igor in Summer update. Bust.er4all boards   
    v5.90 / 7.7.2019
    All images were updated. It mainly goes for a bugfix update, cleanup, adding Debian Buster release. Beware that software maturity with Buster is not just there yet (even it was declared stable) and with some applications (like OMV) you will encounter problems. Kernel/BSP wise, Debian Buster is the same, uses Armbian kernel, as our other builds. Most of the builds were briefly tested, but bugs might be hiding somewhere. This is the best what is out there thanks to greater Debian community, those around boards and of course ours which pushes generic Debian/Linux to the sky . Enjoy the summer time.
    What's new? -> https://docs.armbian.com/Release_Changelog/
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    FrankM reacted to pkfox in SATA project Part IV   
    Crucial MX500 1000GB 2.5
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    FrankM reacted to JMCC in [Development] RK3399 media script   
    Again, I would appreciate if anyone with a RockPro64 can test Kodi with the stable kernel (the image you get from the Armbian Download page).
    For those with a different board, remember to update to nightly kernel.
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    FrankM reacted to JMCC in [Development] RK3399 media script   
    So finally we have the first version of:
    The UN-official, UN-supported, etc...
    This is the first release of the RK3399 media testing script. The script provides a functionality similar to its RK3288 equivalent:
    Installing all the libraries and system configurations necessary for GPU accelerated X desktop, Chromium WebGL, full VPU video play acceleration up to 4k@60 10-bit HEVC (the maximum supported by the SoC), and GLES 3.2 / OpenCL 1.2 support. Three video players supporting full VPU acceleration (RKMPP) and KMS display (GBM or a X11 DRM "hack", as described by the authors), namely: MPV, Gstreamer and Kodi. Two example programs using the OpenCL functionality: Examples form the Arm Compute Library, and a GPU crypto miner (an old version, but small and simple). A library that will act as an OpenGL to OpenGL-ES wrapper, allowing you to run programs that use OpenGL 1.5-2.0. Two additional features, that have no big interest from the Armbian development prospective, but I find them interesting to play with:  Chromium browser with support for Flash and DRM-protected commercial web video streaming (tested with Amazon Prime, should also work with Netflix, Hulu, etc.), and a simple Pulseaudio GTK equalizer using LADSPA.  
    Here is a more thorough documentation:
    >>> DOWNLOAD LINK <<<
    You need a fresh Armbian Bionic desktop image with legacy kernel installed.  
    Download the file above Untar it: tar xvf media-rk3399_*.txz cd media-script ./media-rk3399.sh  
    This script is not officially supported by the Armbian project. It is just a community effort to help the development of the main build, by experimenting with a possible implementation of the media capabilities of this particular SoC. Therefore, questions about the script should not be laid out as support requests, but as commentaries or community peer-to-peer assistance. That being said, all commentaries/suggestions/corrections are very welcome. In the same way, I will do my best to help solve any difficulty that may arise regarding the script.  
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    FrankM got a reaction from Igor in Rock64pro   
    That was not meant to be evil. It should only give feedback
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    FrankM reacted to hjc in RockPro64   
    The reason is that, those more expensive RK3399 boards have eMMC and Wi-Fi/BT module, or even heat sink and power supply included. In Pine64 store, these components have an extra cost of $15.95 (16G eMMC) + $15.99 (WiFi/BT) + $3.49 (heat sink) + $8.99 (power supply) = $44.42.
    If you compare carefully between NanoPC T4 ($129 = 4GB RAM + all above components included) and RockPro64 ($79.99 + $44.42 = $124.41), you will find that RockPro64 is not a lot cheaper. It's just eliminating those component that you may not use at all, or those you may already have one and don't need another (e.g. power supply).
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    FrankM got a reaction from Echo in No network after upgrade to 5.30   
    Installed 5.30 then
    apt-get update apt-get upgrade shutdown -r now  
    My Problems are solved.
    Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.31 stable Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 4.11.5-sunxi   Thanks Armbian Team!
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