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  1. The script does not work for me: # ./compile.sh ./compile.sh: line 77: systemd-detect-virt: command not found [ o.k. ] Create example config file using template [ config-default.conf ] [ o.k. ] Using config file [ /usr/src/build/userpatches/config-example.conf ] /usr/src/build/lib/main.sh: line 136: dialog: command not found [ error ] ERROR in function source [ main.sh:138 ] [ error ] No option selected [ o.k. ] Process terminated Need another option, manual configuration u-boot.
  2. But I would like to learn how to configure u-boot for any supported kernel.
  3. Can you talk more about the build script and docker? I built Gentoo on an Armbian kernel and I want to rebuild the kernel on it, I have problems with sound.
  4. I work from a gentoo distribution, so I can not use the armbian script.
  5. The symbolic link to the image has changed, the kernel does not load: Applying kernel provided DT fixup script (sun8i-h3-fixup.scr) ## Executing script at 44000000 SCRIPT FAILED: continuing... Is it not enough to change one symbolic link to load another kernel?
  6. Hello dear developers and visitors to the forum. I have compiled my core for the opi3 board, but I do not know what to do to test my core. There is little information on the u-boot bootloader and I can’t configure it on my kernel, if I replace the vmlinuz-5.4.7-sunxi64 file, the board does not start, u-boot reports that there is no kernel image. I turn to professionals, please teach me how to work with U-Boot.
  7. Yes, on a banana with a temperature in general is a problem. On Archlinux also does not show, /sys/class/temp/zone0 is empty.
  8. I took from the site archlinuks section of the project alarm. There is a bare core, everything you have to assemble yourself. The only thing is that I could not figure out the bootloader and transfer the kernel to EMMC memory.
  9. Use Archlinux. The Archlinux community has made an alarm project.
  10. I found a working operating system for banana pi m3! This is an assembly of ubuntu mate 16.04 from the site http://www.banana-pi.org/downloadall.html, but I did apt remove mate. And I installed lxde, now I have a stable banana kernel.
  11. Today the seller returned the money for the damaged board. I am grateful to him.