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  1. Yes, on a banana with a temperature in general is a problem. On Archlinux also does not show, /sys/class/temp/zone0 is empty.
  2. I took from the site archlinuks section of the project alarm. There is a bare core, everything you have to assemble yourself. The only thing is that I could not figure out the bootloader and transfer the kernel to EMMC memory.
  3. Use Archlinux. The Archlinux community has made an alarm project.
  4. I found a working operating system for banana pi m3! This is an assembly of ubuntu mate 16.04 from the site http://www.banana-pi.org/downloadall.html, but I did apt remove mate. And I installed lxde, now I have a stable banana kernel.
  5. Today the seller returned the money for the damaged board. I am grateful to him.
  6. Today, including the board, I noticed that the kernel is not always loaded exactly. I'm using the debian 8 kernel 3.4.39, desktop mate. Once the board loads it can work well, work clearly, without errors, all interfaces and devices will be available. But the board can be loaded incorrectly. There will always be errors, not all interfaces and devices will work. There is a serious problem, there is no support for the UART kernel. I want to communicate with the community, I want to learn how to enable the UART kernel in the bootloader?
  7. I already bought this awful board. I will have to suffer with this board. I want to become more than just a user, I want to understand how this works.
  8. This is my problem, this is my board. I can compile only what has open source code. I have an increased interest in a virtual machine on a banana pi, I'm hoping for a performance octa core
  9. Most of the programs that I use depend on architecture and do not run on ARM. For example, the program for administering IP cameras Onvif Manager. With a favorite single-board I can not manage my video surveillance system.
  10. Every time I have a problem this is either a systemd, or pulseaudio.
  11. I think systemd is just as bad a solution as pulseaudio. Is there a way to get rid of systemd and return to init.d?
  12. I'm trying to follow the instructions for ubuntu, but I do not have success. I added the script /etc/init.d/, executed sudo chmod ugo + x /etc/init.d/script.sh, and then executed sudo rc-update add script.sh, but got the output: sudo: rc-update: command not found. What do i do?
  13. Hello, friends! I will share my experience. The seller sent me a broken banana pi. Inductance is damaged on the board. , Where I noticed the Close-up closeup the Close-up closeup 2 Council work, but on the net there were errors. I did not want to send it, because in Russia the cargo is a lottery. I offered to return a small part of the money to me. I do not think that this breakdown is serious. I soldered the inductance, I soldered the power plug, he behaved badly. But the seller refused to return a small part of the money. I do not want to complain, but to warn people that the seller is not loyal. Now my board is working , I'm sorry, I filled the board with the composition , but I do not know where to get a good operating system. In those that are available on the site, the banana pi does not work. What will the community tell me? Why are not Enthusiasts engaged in Armbian for this board?
  14. Search does not help. Tips are not working. Any other thoughts?
  15. Hi, professionals! I want to control an Armbian Linux system from my remote desktop. I installed the following servers one after another: vino, xrdp, vnc4. But the connection didn't work out. I cannot connect to the Armbian board from a remote Windows machine. If you don't mind, please share your successful experience. Thanks in advance.
  16. thank you very much!
  17. I could not put skype. Specify from which repository and what version for orange pi pc?