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  1. I would check armbian docs, maybe something changed - I must admit that I was busy with other things and hadn't recompile Armbian kernel since then.
  2. If you don't plan to use touchscreen, then no need to recompile kernel.
  3. Ad3. Yes, guide is for mainline kernel, I tested it on 4.11 if I recall correctly. Ad 4. Yes, sorry my bad.
  4. Installing custom service isn't sounds like "zero config". Sorry , but in current form it's pretty much useless. That may be somehow useful if it will listen to DHCP requests and pull new devices to list. That list also should have options to remove or hide device. Happy to hear that
  5. No wonder it is terribly slow Remove it or change to at least 25.
  6. I don't know if it helps but that one should be interrupts = <0 19 0>;
  7. Corrupted sk_buf list means that it's either buggy driver or memory corruption. Lower your ddr frequency as tkaiser sugests.
  8. Try to recreate those mount points, but it's more like systemd bug.
  9. Glad to hear that and thanks for sharing. Often people tend to forget share their final solution
  10. CS is handled by kernel, you shouldn't set it manually.
  11. SAS is serial type interface (newer), SCSI is parallel.
  12. Yes, this is exactly my point. You need to pay for performance. It's most common use case today imho. I know about smart problems, what else?
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