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  1. I just wanted to report that Armbian Buster image for Orange Pi 2 there SSH does not work. I tried installing it twice and also tried taking all updates. I had no skill to analyze or fix the problem, so just wanted to report it as is in case if it is not known. SSH does work on the Bionic Image for Orange Pi 2.
  2. Their forum post seems to confirm that this board is indeed oriented towards Win10 IoT From their forum admin: A new board from Xunlong would be released soon, which named Orange Pi WIN. This new board could run on Windows IOT.
  3. What about the new Banana PI M2 ultra ? Is it a real SATA controller ? or just one more that is channeled through the USB ? And is this machine likely to be supported by Armbian ? It in short seems to be a little overpriced and the eMMC storage to be to little. And the M3 left a bit bad taste in my mouth, but if it is Sata that gives more speed than USB and if it will be Armbian supported then I might give them another go.
  4. I dont understand how it could be "wrong settings" and not Armbians. Its images from your website. With no settings changed.
  5. I use Armbian and would never use anything else ! (I love Armbian) But the performance for me was very poor as soon as the machine was under heavy load before adding fan controller. And the nice thing about having fan controller is that it only turns on when its actually needed if setting its settings high enough.
  6. You can check my Orange PI PC Fan controller Project at https://einhugur.com/blog/index.php/big-projects/build-fan-controller-for-orange-pi-pc/ if that helps. It includes circuits, guides and source code to control the fan also. I have also had PCB's manufactured for it to get it nicer, but I have not tested those yet, and wont post their blueprints until I have verified them for errors. After I got the fan controller on it t hen Orange PC is a very fast and viable server. Compared to without fan when it was constantly going to turtle slow speed due to heat.
  7. Out of the blue without any manual changes Orange PI PC Startup script screen stopped showing today. Is there anyone who knows how to fix that ? or what might have happened ? Thanks Björn
  8. This is awesome, thanks, I tried this on Orange PI 2, and it works great, first time I ever see Orange PI on other resolution.
  9. First off, awesome job on all the Orange PI images. I have only had chance to try the Orange PI 2 image so far There are small issues I can find ,I don't know if their known: I cannot set resolution at all, its stuck on some low one. Doing it with this method here will result in black screen (I tested both with 50 and 60 hz): nano /boot/boot.cmd # example: # change example from # disp.screen0_output_mode=1920x1080p60 # to # disp.screen0_output_mode=1280x720p60 mkimage -C none -A arm -T script -d /boot/boot.cmd /boot/boot.scr Second issue is that reboot command just makes the machine die, it does not come up again. And finally a tiny issue with the image, the default keyboard layout has z and y flipped, which is not huge issue but maybe strange as default.
  10. Did you have to do something to enable the display ? or just plug and start ? Thanks
  11. I guess I found the fix my self: sudo apt-get install gvfs sudo apt-get install policykit-1 (Also makes the missing trash appear on the desktop)
  12. Hello I just started using Armbian to try to salvage a Banana PI M2 that I had given up on more or less due to bad system images and lack of support from the maker. And so far the Armbian has solved all my problems that I had with the images from Banana PI, except..... I cannot get USB sticks to mount. I installed thunar-volman and tick marked Mount removable drives when hot-plugged, Mount removable drives when inserted, Browse removable media when inserted. Is there something I might be missing ? Thanks
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